You have to download the game using a computer.
How do you install the game?
1. Download Ankama Launcher
To access all Ankama's games, you need Ankama Launcher. Download it below, install it, then log in to your account or create one. You can also log in using Facebook.
2. Install DOFUS
Install DOFUS in 64-bits and enjoy all its variants: DOFUS 2, DOFUS Beta, 1.29, Retro.
3. Create your character
Welcome to the World of Twelve! It's time to play...
DOFUS is an RPG in which your strategy means the difference between victory and defeat!

In this turn-based tactical fighting game, manage your movements and attacks with Movement Points (MP) and Action Points (AP) within the allotted time, in combats that are as strategic as they are dynamic.
Create your own hero in one of the 18 character classes with their own unique gameplay styles and statistics. Set off on a quest to find the Dofus, dragon eggs that will bestow powers and bonuses on your character, and climb to prestigious level 200.

This free downloadable game can also be played in a browser. In this tactical MMORPG, you can work in multiple professions to sell your services and resources in exchange for "kamas", the in-game currency. The Kama Exchange and Marketplaces let the players control the in-game economy.
Dungeons, treasure hunts, monsters, bosses, pets, sidekicks, player-versus-player (PvP) mode, guilds, nations and even a heroic server (where XP and drops are double but death is permanent) are waiting for you in this free online game.

Your first steps in the World of Twelve?