Type: Ceremonial cape
Level: 1
Over the hills came a trapper man Sack on back, wild pelts in his hand Old dusty furs, pebbles 'bedded in the land stand and stare Nice as you please comes the trapper man Drinking bamboo milk, bottle in his hand Speaking to no one in particular but happily Down where the piwis dance kaliptus wood drying for the fire Yellow beak and sleek now the tofu are crying flying higher Out from the treechnid came a little black saltik Taking the Sun the morning being very thick Old dusty furs, pebbles 'bedded in the sand stand and stare The Trapper and the saltik The Trapper and the saltik  The Trapper and the saltik  - Don O'Van, retired crooner (Place this cape over another, already-equipped cape to change its appearance.)
Compatible with: 0