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2957 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Count Harebourg's Hat Count Harebourg's Hat Hat Lvl 200
Age-Old Belt Age-Old Belt Belt Lvl 200
Cryochrone Ring Cryochrone Ring Ring Lvl 200
Cycloid Ring Cycloid Ring Ring Lvl 200
Nocturnowl Belt Nocturnowl Belt Belt Lvl 200
Crushed Velvet Cape Crushed Velvet Cape Cloak Lvl 200
Hairsh Amulet Hairsh Amulet Amulet Lvl 200
Hairsh Slippers Hairsh Slippers Boots Lvl 200
Dark Court Cape Dark Court Cape Cloak Lvl 200
Baleenaboots Baleenaboots Boots Lvl 200
Kideebonnet Kideebonnet Hat Lvl 200
Pawl Ouatnos' Ring Pawl Ouatnos' Ring Ring Lvl 200
Owlmulet Owlmulet Amulet Lvl 200
Showl Showl Cloak Lvl 200
Vortex Hood Vortex Hood Hat Lvl 200
Kroks Kroks Boots Lvl 200
Belt of Wonders Belt of Wonders Belt Lvl 200
Deep Sea Bracelet Deep Sea Bracelet Ring Lvl 200
Voldelor Belt Voldelor Belt Belt Lvl 200
King Playa Boots King Playa Boots Boots Lvl 200
Crustic Ring Crustic Ring Ring Lvl 200
Koutoulou Mask Koutoulou Mask Hat Lvl 200
Octat Octat Hat Lvl 200
Amulet of the Unspeakable Amulet of the Unspeakable Amulet Lvl 200