Type: Hat
Level: 195
Sleepy, lazy, nonchalant, bone idle - all adjectives that can be applied to the wearer of this hat. Mind you, it will certainly lull people into a false sense of security. Your enemies will lower their guard, monsters will ignore you and attack your friends instead, people will treat you like a layabout, you won't be able to find any work, your partner will leave you, everyone will forget about you. And it seemed like such a good idea to wear it at the time :(
251 to 300 Vitality
41 to 60 Strength
41 to 60 Intelligence
31 to 50 Wisdom
3 to 4% Critical
8 to 12 Heal{~ps}{~zs}
8 to 12 Earth Damage{~p}{~z}
8 to 12 Fire Damage{~p}{~z}
5 to 7% Air Resistance
5 to 7% Water Resistance
4 to 5 AP Reduction
4 to 5 Dodge
Tailor Level 195