Type: Shield
Level: 200
"Any Feca heading into combat must carry a shield. But the best protection against adversity, the best rampart against all those who seek to harm or destroy us, is union. Mercenaries! Time has come to set our quarrels aside and unite under a single banner. Astrub is not merely an old merchant city founded by a gang of bandits who've grown tame. Astrub is also an ancient city, with its own heritage and culture. Astrub is a nation! Today, dear council members, you are going to elect a new leader. I have applied for the position. Will you place your trust in me? It's your decision." – Fallanster, Head of the Council of Astrub
If the bearer ends their turn with a line of sight to at least one opponent, they earn a 10% damage suffered reduction for 1 turn as long as they haven't been pushed, attracted, carried, teleported or transposed.
151 to 200 Vitality
21 to 30 Pushback Resistance{~p}{~z}
16 to 20 Lock
-20 Dodge
-20 MP Parry
10% Ranged Resistance
Artificer Level 200