Type: Cloak
Level: 200
"While our troops were gathering to fight off the army of the Dark City, I climbed to the top of the closest hill for one last prayer. Today, many Twelvians shall die. I wonder. Is all this violence necessary? Must we sacrifice thousands of souls so that harmony might reign again? But now is not the time for questions or doubts. Spirit of Balance, send me your wisdom. Show me the path of justice that leads to peace. And if my path should cross that of the Butcher of Brakmar… then give me the strength to fight her so that hope can be reborn in this world." – Jahash Jurgen
When the bearer suffers damage in an element, they gain 3% resistance in that element for 2 turns, stackable 5 times.
401 to 450 Vitality
61 to 80 Power
-20 Dodge
-20 AP Reduction
-10% Melee Resistance
7 to 10% Spell Damage
Tailor Level 200