Type: Boots
Level: 200
"Come close, newcomers! Don't hang back. I won't repeat myself. First, know this: Only Masters of the Order are allowed to wear the sacred boots during official boot-kissing ceremonies. You must be able to fill the boots, you see. Anyone who dares disobey will be trampled by all their peers before being booted out on their backsides. Does everyone have their polishing brushes and Blibli wax? Good! Line up and enter the room in silence. I only want to hear one pair of heels!" – Bowisse, Grand Master of the Kicked Ass
At the start of each turn, the bearer pushes entities in close combat back 2 cells.
351 to 400 Vitality
31 to 40 Pushback Damage{~p}{~z}
-1 Range
16 to 20 Dodge
16 to 20 MP Reduction
1 MP
Shoemaker Level 200