Type: Belt
Level: 200
"Look at you, you proud Kanigs, subjugated by your enemies… What a fall! You could have built a true empire if you weren't so weak. There was a time when you dreamed of glory and conquest, when prisoners worked in your rock quarries and moaned under the lash of whips… But the road from master to slave is sometimes very short. Kowtowing under the weight of your chains, crawling in the mud like larvae, you've forgotten who you once were. You are pathetic. When your matriarch dies, you destiny shall be complete. Your sacrifice will have been less vain than your existence… since it will change history." – Servitude
401 to 500 Initiative
351 to 400 Vitality
81 to 100 Chance
16 to 20 Lock
-20 MP Parry
-1 Range
7 to 10% Ranged Resistance
At the end of each turn, the bearer attracts entities in a 3-cell cross around themself by 2 cells. If the bearer has no entities next to them at the end of their turn, they enter the Unmovable state until the start of their next turn. The state is removed if they suffer damage.
-15% Weapon Damage
1 MP
AP < 12
Shoemaker Level 200