Type: Belt
Level: 200
"Godless and lordless", "Neither god nor pastor": behind these resolutely anarchist mottoes, the Possessed seem to observe many customs and rites that allow them to coexist despite the survival of the fittest that reigns as law amongst them. There is also another, less well-known motto: "Never insult mothers". Indeed, the Possessed don't respect anything or anyone, but when the name of the Mother of the Seven Seas is mentioned, it's in a hushed voice full of respect tinged with fear.
301 to 350 Vitality
41 to 60 Strength
41 to 60 Agility
31 to 40 Wisdom
11 to 15 Neutral Damage{~p}{~z}
11 to 15 Earth Damage{~p}{~z}
11 to 15 Air Damage{~p}{~z}
16 to 20 Pushback Damage{~p}{~z}
11 to 15% Earth Resistance
4 to 6 MP Reduction
3 to 4% Critical
1 Summons{~p}{~z}
11 to 15 Power
Shoemaker Level 200
Possessed Belt is part of the Lvl 0