Type: Amulet
Level: 200
"… the Atoll of the Possessed is made up of two distinct parts. First is the Destroyers' Port, where the corrupted coral reef is arranged in a half-moon where a large number of demonic ships drop anchor. The entrance to the crescent is guarded by two impressive black statues that seem sentient, controlling all entries and exits. The other part of the Atoll, called the Pandamonium, overlooks the Port and is the true stronghold of the Possessed. It's still difficult to say what they are fomenting there and how many of them there are. The whole area is covered with cabalistic signs and traces of rituals, which portends the use of dark, powerful magic. Finally, their leader is a Pandawa shaman who has emaciated wings and an imposing arm covered with claws and horns… May the goddess bless us, we weren't spotted, but it was close. I regret to inform you, Lady Hikomi, that the threat to Pandala and the World of Twelve is great, and significant losses must be expected." – Dolan Aichson, mission report to the Daimya about the Atoll
401 to 500 Initiative
351 to 400 Vitality
51 to 70 Strength
31 to 40 Wisdom
9 to 12 Neutral Damage{~p}{~z}
9 to 12 Earth Damage{~p}{~z}
5 to 7% Neutral Resistance
5 to 7% Air Resistance
6 to 8 AP Parry
16 to 20 Heal{~ps}{~zs}
1 Range
1 AP
Jeweller Level 200
Pandamonium Amulet is part of the Lvl 0