Type: Amulet
Level: 200
"At his command, the ghosts of the knights of the Order of the Valiant Heart arose. Their discarded armour hit the ground with metallic clangs and thuds. Burnt, flayed and cut, they all bore gaping wounds. Raval walked through the ranks in silence, then pointed towards the Brakmarian army. Hyrkul's troops had reached the gates of Bonta. Any minute now, they were sure to give way to the Trools' steady hammering. Militia men under Jiva's command had formed a wall of armour. But goblins were already trying to sneak in through the gaps in the door, which were widening with each passing second. Hyrkul had put his sword back in its sheath and was striking heavy blows with his mace. All of a sudden, he paused mid-motion, and turned back as though someone had called out to him…" "Crimson Dawn: Found Fragments, Volume X"
301 to 350 Vitality
51 to 70 Chance
51 to 70 Agility
26 to 35 Strength
26 to 35 Intelligence
-20 Pushback Resistance{~p}{~z}
7 to 10 Critical Resistance{~p}{~z}
21 to 30 Wisdom
3 to 4 Lock
-8 Dodge
9 to 12 Water Damage{~p}{~z}
9 to 12 Air Damage{~p}{~z}
4 to 6 Earth Damage{~p}{~z}
4 to 6 Fire Damage{~p}{~z}
6 to 8% Earth Resistance
6 to 8% Fire Resistance
-4% Water Resistance
-4% Air Resistance
3 to 4 MP Parry
-8 AP Parry
1 AP
Jeweller Level 200
The Necromancer's Song is part of the Relics of the Crimson Dawn Lvl 200