Type: Hat
Level: 24
Hung 'Short Memory' Lekahurse owned a magnificent crystal ball - his grandpa gave it to him. He wisely decided to hold on to it for the rest of his life. In fact, he put it on his hat which he never took off again, until one day, a jealous breeze took it away. He followed, and the breeze seemed to mock him, suspending the hat in the air, and whipping it away just as his searching fist approached. Not without a sense of decency, the wind took him home for a brief visit once a season and when it sensed the poor man was close to the end, took him to the edge of a cliff, hung the hat there for a moment and down Lekahurse tumbled, at peace at last.
41 to 50 Vitality
11 to 15 Power
5 Heal{~ps}{~zs}
Tailor Level 24
Crystal O'Ball is part of the O'Ball Set Lvl 77