Type: Hat
Level: 81
This headgear looks like any old wig, but it is powerful indeed. It has one prior owner who had the strange and despicable habit of dressing up as other people, and conning the elderly into signing over items of tiny value. Once he convinced a gentle old man that he was his dead wife returned to life, proceeded to 'remarry' him, had six of his children (which even I can't explain) and then, ten years later, just as they were about to renew their vows on a scenic cliffside, he broke the news. It is said he ran off with three party poppers and a half-eaten ball of Stracciatella ice cream, laughing wildly... still laughing as he tripped and fell over the cliff and laughing to this day if you believe the popular but unlikely sea shanty, 'The crazy fool took my Stracciatella'.
81 to 120 Vitality
31 to 40 Intelligence
31 to 40 Agility
3 to 4% Earth Resistance
3 to 4% Water Resistance
7 to 10 Heal{~ps}{~zs}
Tailor Level 81