Type: Cloak
Level: 80
Let me tell you about Hulco, a very strange Cra. He couldn't find his way to his own bathroom because everything he saw looked like a tropical beach at sunset. At least he never had to pay for a sun holiday.
Increases the maximum number of times Lashing Arrow can be cast per target by 1
25% Critical Hit bonus on the Absorptive Arrow spell
Reduces the Critical Shooting spell's cooldown period by 1
Burning Arrow no longer requires a line of sight
Withdrawal Arrow is no longer linear
Reduces the Devouring Arrow spell's AP cost by 1
Recall Beacon no longer requires a line of sight
Increases the Repulsive Arrow spell's maximum range by 2
Tailor Level 80
Cape Hulco is part of the Prince of Thieves Set Lvl 150