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131 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Madreggon Madreggon Petsmount Lvl 100
Bulbisou Bulbisou Pet Lvl 80
Kanigloopy Kanigloopy Pet Lvl 80
Brockheart Brockheart Pet Lvl 80
Teddybearbarian Teddybearbarian Pet Lvl 80
Gobtubby Gobtubby Pet Lvl 60
Tiwabbit Wosungwee Tiwabbit Wosungwee Pet Lvl 60
Crocodyl Crocodyl Pet Lvl 60
Vampyrina Vampyrina Pet Lvl 60
Solid Plissken Solid Plissken Pet Lvl 60
Karmeleon Karmeleon Petsmount Lvl 60
Kompost Kompost Petsmount Lvl 60
Mastostroke Mastostroke Pet Lvl 60
Jellufo Jellufo Pet Lvl 60
Platypus Platypus Pet Lvl 60
Slayhound Slayhound Petsmount Lvl 60
Bowzai Bowzai Pet Lvl 60
Blokus Blokus Pet Lvl 60
Bontick Bontick Pet Lvl 60
Gobbalator Gobbalator Petsmount Lvl 60
Miniminotot Miniminotot Pet Lvl 60
Gupin Gupin Pet Lvl 60
Boarhog Boarhog Petsmount Lvl 60
Kwyness Kwyness Petsmount Lvl 60