Type: Sidekick
Though still quite recent, the discovery of scrollmagic has led to to an unprecedented wave of incarnations. Amid the general hustle and bustle, a number of groups and guilds have been formed. The Order of the Sidekicks is by far the most mysterious of these groups; its members already seem to have every scrollmagic ability at their fingertips. Could it be that this form of magic isn't so new after all? Be that as it may, one thing's for sure: these sidekicks know how to fight with style. Felicia is dressed by the silky Barbe Douce, who can often be seen sewing in the reflections of Twit Shields.
Primary characteristics : Action Points (AP): 0
Primary characteristics : Movement Points (MP): 0
Primary characteristics : Range: 0
Primary characteristics : Power: 0
Primary characteristics : Vitality: 0
Secondary characteristics : AP Parry: 0
Secondary characteristics : MP Parry: 0
Secondary characteristics : Dodge: 0
Secondary characteristics : Lock: 0
Secondary characteristics : Prospecting: 0
Secondary characteristics : Summons: 0
Secondary characteristics : AP Reduction: 0
Secondary characteristics : MP Reduction: 0
Damage : Damage: 0
Damage : Pushback: 0
Resistances (%) : Earth (%): 0
Resistances (%) : Fire (%): 0
Resistances (%) : Water (%): 0
Resistances (%) : Air (%): 0
Resistances (%) : Neutral (%): 0
Fountain of Youth
Echo of Youth
Curative Palm
Drift Trap
Thunderous Word
Elemental Leek Pie
Withdrawal Arrow
Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth (Start of combat spell) 0 Range / 1AP

Eniripsas regain up to 21% of their HP at the start of each turn: • 7% without any conditions. • 7% if they have suffered enemy damage since their last turn. • 7% if they have less than 50% of their HP. If they start their turn in the Unhealable state, Eniripsas lose the state and suffer a 50% healing penalty (1 turn, non-reducible) instead.

Normal effects

No effect for this spell

Critical effects

No effect for this spell

Other characteristics

Modifiable range
Line of sight
Cast in a straight line only
Free cells