Type: Sword
Level: 200
"The Crocodyls numbered in the thousands, a few hundred kametres from the city gates. We had prepared for the assault, the full guard were assembled in front of the main gate, and the war machines had been set up on the ramparts. The sight of the gigantic army of reptiles was already terrifying, but the worst was when we saw them. Crocoburio stood in the midst of his soldiers, several heads taller than all of them, brandishing his cursed sword towards us. When the green mass began to march, a shiver ran through our ranks, and we knew that the coming battle would be terrible." – A Bontarian soldier
The bearer steals health in their best attack element from adjacent entities at the end of the turn.
401 to 450 Vitality
71 to 100 Strength
51 to 70 Agility
51 to 70 Chance
16 to 20 Lock
-20 AP Parry
-10% Ranged Resistance
41 to 60 (Neutral damage)
6 to 9 (Air steal)
6 to 9 (Water steal)
16 to 20 Air Damage{~p}{~z}
16 to 20 Water Damage{~p}{~z}
16 to 20 Fire Damage{~p}{~z}
16 to 20 Earth Damage{~p}{~z}
16 to 20 Neutral Damage{~p}{~z}
AP: 6 (1 use per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1/10 (+7)