Type: Axe
Level: 200
"When the Prince of Brakmar and the King of Bonta impaled each other, spilling their entrails over the blood-reddened ground, I felt deep satisfaction. And thus ended the war between the two cities, surrounded by a mountain of corpses! It was a scene of great beauty. So when the cawing of the Crobaks mingled with the agonising death rattles, nostalgia washed over me. Poignant memories of the first Crimson Dawn flooded my mind. The charge of the Karne Riders, Menalt's decapitation, Raval's theatrics… It was the opening of a murderous and jubilatory conflict, one that would have kept me on tenterhooks for nearly a thousand years! Today, the curtain has fallen. But the show must go on… There will always be other battles." – War
401 to 450 Vitality
81 to 120 Intelligence
16 to 20 Lock
16 to 20 Fire Damage{~p}{~z}
11 to 15 MP Reduction
-15% Ranged Damage
41 to 50 (Fire damage)
-2 MP
If the bearer is in close contact with an enemy at the start of their turn, they gain 20 MP Reduction for 1 turn; if not, they gain 30 Lock. When the bearer kills an opponent (excluding summons) with direct damage, they gain 1 MP until the end of the fight, stackable max. 3 times.
-20 Dodge
7 to 10% Fire Resistance
AP: 5 (1 use per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1/10 (+10)
Smith Level 200