Type: Dagger
Level: 194
A few winters back, when the Bitter-Hammers were despairing of ever returning home, a Pandawa marched into the tunnels of Ereboria to give Berylbell Copperbeard a piece of her mind. A storm was brewing in her stern, black-ringed eyes. She was a master of a unique variant of the art of Pandawushu. The two warriors had already fought many battles, and this confrontation went on for a long time. A very long time. Such a long time, in fact, that the Stubbyobs who had gathered around to cheer on their leader eventually yobbed off to sleep. When they opened their eyes, startled awake by the sound of their own snoring, the disciple of the Big Bear and the daughter of the Smith were saluting each other with great respect. They exchanged weapons. Their pitched battle had ended in a draw, and yet Berylbell's face was lit up with a smile. The dark clouds of discouragement had cleared. Ever since that day, Berylbell has carefully preserved her honourable adversary's tonfas as both a souvenir and trophy. Who would have thought she could be so sentimental?
501 to 600 Initiative
301 to 350 Vitality
61 to 80 Chance
31 to 40 Wisdom
11 to 15 Prospecting
9 to 12 Water Damage{~p}{~z}
3 to 5% Water Resistance
3 to 5% Air Resistance
4 to 6% Critical
9 to 12 Critical Damage{~p}{~z}
7 to 10 Dodge
9 to 12 (Water damage)
7 to 10 (Water steal)
AP: 3 (2 uses per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1/15 (+5)