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Big bouncing podcast spoilers! Today, we are bringing you one step closer to the information you're dying to know... for both DOFUS and WAKFU. If you want to be surprised at the twists and turns happening in 2013, please, please, don't touch this podcast. It's for your own good.

We're back, baby! Macha, Izmar, and Troyle are back to kick off 2013 with an all new Inside Ankama On Air podcast! What wonderful things will we reveal this time? Read on to find out!

It's the final podcast episode of 2012... it's been a big year for DOFUS and WAKFU; we're so happy that you've joined us for this experience! But we're going out on a high note with an hour-long episode of Inside Ankama On Air!

It's been far too long since we last talked, how are you? Did you manage to craft that hat you were gathering mats for? How's your cousin's sick Dragoturkey? We missed you terribly during our long podcast break, and we can't wait to catch up with all the Ankama news, so let's go!

The Stitchopalooza mini-game is going Hardcore! Yep, the easy stage of the game is over, now's the time to earn the final reward for honoring the ugliest ladies in the World of Twelve: the rare QuaQuack pet!

Jeu en ligne Stitchopalooza has begun! Info - November 08, 2012

Miss Ugly contestants are used to sharp words, but not to knitted scarfs… and yet, that’s exactly what the Stichapalooza is for! Every day, make the prettiest scarf for the ugliest lady, and Rhamemba Runce will reward you! You won't need beer goggles to make this event look good!

Does reality exist? Are we all just batteries in some crazy machine's simulation? Could this be nothing but a drug-induced hallucination? Who knows, but we'll talk about that and all sorts of Ankama news in this episode of Inside Ankama On Air!

Inside Ankama, your voice of rightousness in a world of misery, has returned! Let Izmar, Troyle and Macha talk you through the new hotness coming soon for DOFUS and WAKFU. Don't worry, we're not crazy, our mothers had us tested.

Help your friend discover DOFUS and WAKFU, you’ll be rewarded thanks to Tofukaze! And until October 29th, you’ll even get twice the gifts!

40 episodes! It's been over a year since we started Inside Ankama On Air, and we'd just like to take this moment to thank you all for listening, for sending us your questions, your amazing performances, your encouragement and comments, and most of all, for playing. We love you guys!

It's been a few weeks since we had a podcast, but we're making up for lost time this time! This week, we're putting out a podcast AND an exclusive interview with Ankama Composer Guillaume Pladys. He's going to reveal exclusive information about the early days of Ankama, his work process, and even some musical spoilers! If you miss this one, you'll kick yourself for it later!

The Almanax is a new DOFUS system that includes daily quests and bonuses... and a website that explains these daily specials! And this is especially important because tomorrow, after the 2.8 update is released, the very first daily offering quest and bonus will be available! Why? Because of the Meridia effect, naturally...

We swear, this podcast was full of spoilers when we put it in the freezer on Tuesday night.... but when we pulled it out today, there was only a little bit of spoilery goodness left clinging to the saran wrap... Stupid devblog, stop raiding our spoiler pantry!

We're not going to lie, this is probably the best episode of this podcast of the summer. Possibly ever. Ok, we might be exaggerating just a hint, but it's still really good. Like.. top 10, absolutely. Well, top 20, surely. Look, there's only been 37 episodes, it must be in the top 30, right? Err, ummm, it wasn't... that bad? It's... it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! Arguably...

We are honored and excited to present something new in this week's podcast... our first ever PLAYER EPIC NPC THEATER! You'll definitely want to listen in to find out who's performing this week. It could be you up on the stage next week, if you think your acting chops are strong enough!

CAUTION: This week's podcast may cause deleterious effects in the minds of the sane and rational. We recommend not listening to this podcast while out of range of medical assistance or while operating heavy machinery. Approved for all mental patients of legal age. Ankama takes no responsibility for any unintended side effects on healthy brains exposed to Inside Ankama On Air Episode 35.

Hello again people with ears! Episode 34 of Inside Ankama is here to help you fill those long weekend hours with laughter and games. And you could be a part of our next episode! Read on to find out how...

As every week, we recorded a new episode of Inside Ankama on Air, just for you! Well, maybe not every week, but we can’t help it, 3 is such a nice number…

Not dead, only sleeping... Inside Ankama On Air is back!

Foggernauts and foiling scammers, making movies and taking breaks, it's all here in this week's episode of Inside Ankama On Air!

Some thought it was aborted; others just wondered where it went; from one day to the other it just stopped existing, leaving a blank empty space in our lives. Rejoice! Inside Ankama on Air, the one, the only, is back! Learn the true story behind this disappearance, and also a bit about the games, in this exciting new episode!

It all went down on the shore of the Asse Sea. Archaeologists and scientists stormed the beaches to study a new phenomenon! Wading out into the ebbing tide on stilts, they scanned the surf, sand and, escarpments. Elsewhere, the militia was interrogating a trembling witness, the sailor known as Booper. What did he see?

Hello again children! Get ready to clap, clap, clap your hands for a super-dee-duper episode of Inside Ankama On Air! We're going to sing and dance and learn to share and - right, that's enough of that. We're going to be super serious and mature on this podcast, no more "yaaaaaaying" like a bunch of Teletubbies. But we'll still have plenty of fun!

Starting at 4 PM (GMT/UTC) on Friday, April 20th, Ankama is executing a Double Tofukaze Combo! What does this mean? What does it mean?? During this amazing week-end, each friend that you refer through a sponsorship link who subscribes or purchases Ogrines will bring you a double dose of Tofukaze Tofus!