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It's time for another slavering mutant Double Creature Feature episode of Inside Ankama On Air! Our indespensible Podcast Assistant Macha is finally back, and we missed her so much! We're answering your questions about DOFUS, WAKFU, and Ankama in general. Listen in to see if we used your email for this episode!

The Three Amigos are back in the saddle again! They're rip-roaring through the Ankama studios to bring you episode 26 of Inside Ankama On Air! And this week we've got news about Rogues, Zeniths, and a new feature from our ever-ready Podcast Assistant! Let's go!

Izmar and Troyle are Massively Missing Macha this week, but that won't prevent them from raiding the Cornucopia of podcasting supplies and taking on any Mutts that try to get in their way! Don't miss our hungry hungry 25th episode of Inside Ankama On Air where you should REALLY listen until the very end!

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Mufafa sleeps tonight! Musical eclecticism abounds in this week's podcast! It's too embarassing to miss.

Aw, just a regular-sized episode this week? Well, it's not so bad, we'll get to see the results of last week's EPIC NPC THEATER head to head confrontation between DOFUS and WAKFU! If you want to know who won, you'll have to read on...

Get that episode out, double time! To make up for the lack of Inside Ankama On Air, this week we're bringing you a Venti-sized edition of Inside Ankama On Air. We've even increased the number of hosts. Who can it be joining us in the studio? Listen and find out!

Podcast Inside Ankama - Episode 17 Info - February 02, 2012

Questions about DOFUS and WAKFU have you? Listen to Inside Ankama you must! Episode 17 is here for your edification and entertainment!

The Year of Twelve has just begun, and Ankama On Air is back again! Episode 15 has Izmar and Mascha back in the studio, bringing you the latest Ankama news!

Today, learn everything about all the wonderful contests running for the international community and about the upcoming WAKFU Update that includes the very feared character wipe!

Today's podcast couldn't be more exclusive! We have got news for you that you won't find anywhere else! A special Gobbowl Tournament, the lucky winners of the WAKFU subscriptions - everything is in Inside Ankama On Air!

Do you want to hear how William and Mascha manage to break everything in the Inside Ankama On Air studio, just because Izmar isn't there to tame them?? Discover it now, in this week's episode! :D

Izmar is singing in this podcast! But that's not the only reason you have to listen to it! Find out everything about Kwismas Island, the frozen Tofu and the five finalists of our great WAKFU server naming contest!

Kwismas time, Kwismas time! That's what we're talking about on this week's Inside Ankama On Air! We'll also be answering your Ankama questions, and hear what Izmar's lichen impression sounds like... Nerdtastic fun will be had by all...
It's class balancing madness! But don't burn your DOFUS premium card yet, Izmar's here to talk you through some of the upcoming changes and explain how to get your voice heard by the development team on the beta server. We'll also discuss the differences between Osas in Wakfu and Dofus, and Macha will tell you how to change the world in WAKFU! It's an Inside Ankama On Air episode you won't want to miss!
Jeu en ligne Starter Packs are here! Info - November 18, 2011
In order to facilitate your entry into the world of Boufbowl, Ankama offers you our new Starter Packs!    
Special guest-host Uchel will discuss the differences between DOFUS and WAKFU, Izmar will talk about our new PvP event coming up this weekend, and William's got the scoop on Gobbowl Starter Packs! Let's dive right in to our latest episode of Inside Ankama On Air!

This November 20th, attack the Kolossium to win prizes! In addition to glory, experience, and Kolosstokens, you will be able to prove your strength to the world! How? By climbing to the top of the Kolossium Ladder, the ultimate ranking of every adventurer who dares to participate in this PVP massacre! You think you’re already at the top of the list? Time will tell…

Many of you have already linked up with Ankama on Facebook and on Twitter, but now another social media site has arrived to create a Holy Trinity of Community... That's right, Ankama has joined Google Plus! Won't you please put us in your circle?

PvP tips, Kolossium updates, WAKFU Fashion Shows, and true love in DOFUS! That can only mean that it's time for another exciting episode of Inside Ankama On Air!

This week it's a belated Inside Ankama On Air! With our intrepid International English team away at MCM Expo, we had to delay our episode just a bit, but we're still here for you. We're even featuring you, our players, as we have some player interviews from the UK!

Jeu en ligne 0… countdown finished Info - October 28, 2011

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0! GobbowlThe countdown is over; Gobbowl is finally available for the delight of all the ball players! From now on, you will have the opportunity to defeat all your challengers.

It's time again for Inside Ankama On Air! This week we're talking about the player events, Gobbowl, and more drama with the Ankama Shield. You won't want to miss this week's episode!

Jeu en ligne Beware of the Pumpkwins! Info - October 25, 2011

The World of Twelve is cast into darkness as an icy wind rakes through the trees, sending shivers up your spine. Once peaceful Tofus and Gobballs are turning into horrible creatures, and any adventurer that happens to rub up against them is also being transformed... Yes, begining October 25th, Al Howin's time has come!!

Ankama has identified a number of DOFUS accounts whose security settings have been deemed insufficient. In order to prevent possible attacks, these accounts are now protected by the new DOFUS account security system. Ankama Shield has been activated on certain accounts for their own security.