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It's our first monthaversary in this week's episode of Inside Ankama On Air! Our talented amatures of podcasting are back again, trying to amuse, entertain, and inform you for thirty minutes or less!

Seven. It’s not just the number of teeth your opponants will lose before the half, it’s the number of days remaining before you can run wild on the Gobbowl pitch!

Can you hear it? Can you hear the clang and clash of swords, the mystical roar of erupting spells, and the shrieks and cheers of battle? The Kolossium just opened its doors, so oil up your muscles and puff out your hair to intimidate your opponents! Ready? Let’s go to the battlefield!

This weekend it's a reward double feature! After the unfortunate error last weekend, Rushu will be receiving a weekend of +75% experience AND +125% drops. Rosal will be basking in their own spotlight with +50% experience gamewide! The fun begins at 6 PM (GMT+1) TONIGHT!

Jeu en ligne The countdown has started! Info - October 12, 2011

The training is almost over… Gobbowl is coming out this October 26th!

Welcome to episode 3 of Inside Ankama On Air! This week it's time to talk about the Kolossium, the Wakfu International Community, and a sweet new contest starting later this month! Settle in and let us be your podcasting hosts to the World of Twelve.

  After the Goultarminator awards last week, the first weekend of Vulkania rewards begins TONIGHT! On tap this weekend: 63 consecutive hours of drop bonuses for 18 DOFUS servers!

  We have decided on the compensation package for accounts affected by the password reset due to the intrusion of our servers on July 29. We have also devised a way to make accounts more secure via the Ankama Shield.  Stolen items are being returned as well.

Time for another episode of Inside Ankama On Air! This week, we're discussing the Ankama Shield, Wakfu politics, and even Frigost 3!

As we announced to you just after the intrusion of the Ankama database, we are begining the beta testing phase for our new security system that will protect your account and your personal data: the Ankama Shield. This secure method of access will prevent anyone with ill-will from raiding your account from a strange computer, because you control your level of access!

  In honor of our upcoming trip to London on the weekend of October 28-30, DOFUS is holding a Halloween Fanart Contest! The theme of this contest is "How Would Your Character Celebrate Halloween?" You have until November 4th to post your entry on our contest submission thread. Don't be shy, the prize is a month's free subscription to DOFUS and a Borbat Pet!

Jeu en ligne Thank Goultard! Info - September 30, 2011
As we mentioned earlier this week, today begins the first reward weekend for Goultarminator and the Vulkania Challenges! Just as a reminder, this weekend SHIKA is receiving their Goultarminator rewards! Additionally, Rosal's birthday was on the 26th of September, so this weekend, they will have a special birthday event!
Jeu en ligne Forge through Daggero's Lair! Info - September 29, 2011

  With version 2.4.0 comes a mysterious new dungeon. We've got some tips and tricks for those who want to break through to Daggero's Lair and uncover all its secrets!

Jeu en ligne Welcome to Version 2.4.0 Info - September 28, 2011

  The latest DOFUS version (2.4.0) has arrived and you can read all the changes here! Learn about the new dungeon teleportation system, a re-designed Incarnam, and more game enhancements and optimizations, it's there in the changelog.

You voted in our community polls, and now the results are in! It's time to award the prizes for Goultarminator 2011 and the two Vulkania challenges. We're kicking off the party starting this weekend, when ten servers will receive their Goultarminator awards!

Jeu en ligne Phoenix has flown the coop! Info - September 26, 2011
Goodbye, flamboyant feathered friend! You have made many adventurers happy! We salute you and may the winds be at your back. Phoenix the great, you will forever be one of DOFUS’ most coveted pets!

Cash in with our special Freemium Starter Pack on GamesPlanet, only £9.95 for three months of subscription!

This summer, major events took place, the Goultarminator 2011 and the two Vulkanian Challenges. In both contests, the servers competed against each other and the best of them have won weekends of community rewards! Vote to choose the dates!

  It's time again for MCM London and this year, Ankama will be there ready to party with all our UK players and fans! Shika, prepare to represent!

  Cash in with our special Freemium Starter Pack on GameTap, only $14.95 for three months of subscription!

Test now our Gobbowl International Open Beta! Come to visit our stadium from 8th to 18th September. Get ready for ten days of amazing and spectacular matches within players from over the world. For this special event we will welcome all of you with a new and more exciting website.

Jeu en ligne A Gobbowl a day… Info - September 08, 2011

  The recent flurry of snowballs inspired the Ankama Shop team… why not make it possible to throw fluffy white balls all year? If you attended the Ankama Convention #4 last year, you probably participated in those unforgivable moments of treachery, in the stunning plays of Cray Harles  or Parry Pronds. What? You missed it? Us too! For all the sports fanatics and for all of us who weren’t able to attend Convention #4, here’s the latest in Gobbowl news! During Convention #4, you were told that they might be available again… And here they are! Gobbowl balls are now available in the Shop! Once a Gobbowler, always a Gobbowler…. Right? See Gobbowl ball in the shop

Jeu en ligne [Contest] Gobbowl World Cup Info - September 08, 2011

This month, the English community is having a creativity celebration. We’re commemorating your creations through two new community events that will go on throughout the month of June. For our first contest we’re calling on the authors of the community to show us what they’ve got! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in the World Cup… of Gobbowl? In the game of Gobbowl, two teams of three players square off against each other over a fluffy round ball in a test of strength, speed, and skill. The possibilities for human drama that can arise from this timeless situation are infinite. We’re asking you to tell us about your most exciting Gobbowl match in 500 words or less. If your story is judged to be the best, you can win a DOFUS 2.0 artbook, a DOFUS lottery card, or even the elusive and rare Flute. Blow the whistle and get your match started right away because submissions for this contest end on June 16th! You can learn more about the contest and its prizes on the forums.

If you’re into sports, fights and strategy, discover right now Ankama’s new game: Gobbowl!