Heroic Server News

The Island of Vulkania - this year's hottest vacation destination - opened its doors at the beginning of July and was scheduled to close its doors today, September the 6th... Or NOT! Vulkania will remain open to the public until September 20th! A two week extension brought to you by Charlie's Agents.

After three bone-crunching weeks of selection battles, the 64 best teams of the 2011 Goultarminator finished their qualification phase on Friday, August 19th. Starting tonight, these teams will compete against each other in the tournament’s final phase. Soon, only one team will remain!

The Goultarminator’s fourth Community Challenge is about to begin and like Challenge #3, it will also last for 4 days! The trial begins on 08/19/2011 at 00:00 AM and ends up on 08/22/2011 at 11:59 PM. This is the Temple Challenge!

  The following news goes out to anyone who has had their password reset by Ankama due to the incident of July 29th, 2011. More specifically, it is for those who have recovered access to their account and do not need further help from support to access their account.

Jeu en ligne You’ve got mail! Info - August 12, 2011

To communicate in private with your friends, receive information and maybe even get some in-game gifts from Ankama, open the AnkaBox!

The Goultarminator 2011’s third community challenge is about to begin and will last 4 days! The challenge will begin on the 12th of August 2011 at 00:00 AM and will end on the 15th of August 2011 at 11:59 PM. This is the crafting challenge!

  Connection problems on our game and website servers have been completely solved. Our host was able to restore normal connectivity after a few hours of being inaccessible. All of our sites, as well as several other large websites were affected.

The second Goultarminator 2001’s community trial takes place this week-end! The trial will start on August 6, 2011 at 00:00 AM and end on August 7, 2011 at 11:59 PM. This is the battle challenge!

In our announcement over the weekend, we declared that no accounts information was leaked following the intrusion incident on one of our servers on last Friday. Unfortunately, the situation has changed; between yesterday and today, we have detected the first cases of item thefts directly linked to this intrusion.

  Goultard's pride and joy, his PVP tournament, begins tonight! On the tournament server, the first teams are going to ring in the hostilies with a harvest of bloody violence! See you tonight for the first night of a month filled with battles!

Jeu en ligne Important informations Info - August 01, 2011

On Friday, 29th 2011, our systems detected an intrusion on some database servers. Though we cannot get any evidence yet, these people may have obtained access to some player account data. We invite all our players to change their password in order to protect their account security.

You thought that the battle was over? Get your helmet back on and run back to the battlefield! The DOFUS Battles update is available in the App Store! And for you who don’t already know THE iPhone and iPad game of the moment, now's the time to rush into battle; from July 29 to August 1, DOFUS Battles only costs 0.79 euros in the App Store!

  The 50 servers participating in the Goultarminator have selected and validated their teams, and the 1593 elected representatives will soon be able to access the Tournament server, so they can begin training! The opening battle of the Goultarminator takes place on Monday, August 1st!

Today, DOFUS Premium members will be given an exclusive sneak-preview of the AnkaBox! Spread the word…

After a week of voting, each community’s server has voted for the 3500 remaining candidates. Only 1600 of them will be given access Goultard’s territory: the tournament server. And now, 800 permanent and 800 substitute candidates will have to form four teams of four characters on each server!

Songify DOFUS is still accepting submissions until August 5th, 2011. Create a parody music video about your favorite part of DOFUS and you could win a complete Charlie's Set, a rare Sarr Ys Flute, a cuddly Pandawa Cub and Boh-Bihn Shield

Jeu en ligne Challenging Vulkania Info - July 20, 2011

  Vulkania Island has sun, surf, souvenirs and some stupefying tough puzzles… but that’s just the beginning. There are also two major community challenges that can unlock bonus experience and drops for your entire server!

After three weeks in an atmosphere of perseverance and optimization during which the 50 participating servers’ most valorous fighters confronted Goultard again and again in order to perfect their performance, now it is time to vote, the Test of Popularity has begun!

  The Speed test - the first round of the Goultarminator qualifying phases - is well on its way but nothing is set in stone just yet! There is still time for you to register and participate, to have the chance to represent your server at the heart of the tournament!

  The Goultarminator is not just a PvP tournament! The communities of each and every server will be called on to participate in the event, through our series of Community Challenges.

Jeu en ligne Vulkania is yours! Info - July 05, 2011

Be among the first to walk along fine sand beaches looking for seashells; hunt Sauroshells in craters while wearing flip-flops; or go belly-boarding in the foamy waves of Vulkania’s archipelagos. When you are done taking in the tour, you can try to find the elusive Petsmounts and take a swing at the legendary bosses Grozilla and Grasmera! What else?

You checked them out; you voted for them, and it’s time now to announce the cutest couple of the year: Tenderly and sermons, in other words Miss & Mister World of the Twelve 2011! The people have spoken!

Jeu en ligne Discovery on Vulkania! Info - July 01, 2011

Some of you may have seen the communiqué sent by Suze McGraff to Charlie Endstown-Smisse. In it, she talked about an important discovery… “A new species of Pets”! The scholarly Enutrof didn’t reveal everything though… Discover Petsmounts on Vulkania Island on July 5!

The Speed Test will last two days less than expected and will end on July 12th rather than 14th. The test of popularity, however, will get a two-day extension and will begin on July 13th instead of 15th. Let's review the entries!