Heroic Server News

The moment has come to set sail for new horizons, but has your travel bag given up the ghost? If you don’t want to run the risk of scattering all your belongings on the ground as you go, take a look at the DOFUS travel bag range at Ankama Shop!

It is one of the summer’s great attractions! Charlie’s Agents offer you a volcanic trek where we don’t really know who is the hunter and who is the prey, but where Charlie Endstown-Smisse assures you of the warmest possible reception. If something smells like burning, make sure your pants aren’t on fire: your holidays on the Island of Vulkania may not be to the liking of two island residents, Grozilla and Grasmera

For the third consecutive year, the ultimate tournament organized by the greatest of all warriors is back… Goultard presents: THE 2011 GOULTARMINATOR! Registration has opened, and the first qualifying event has begun.

Summer is back… and so are Charlie’s Agents! They’re always there to offer you the best vacation destinations to keep you coming back again and again! This time, Charlie Endstown-Smisse and his crack team are sending you on an adventure on Vulkania: a brand new island that has never appeared on common maps!

The big trend of the summer is going to be the Parasymbics! Androgynia Baarf announced it! He took up his scissors, needles and thimbles to offer you amazing new Livitinems, ready to wear! Meet the Parasymbics! There is only one disadvantage, they can’t stop talking… Discover the new face of Livitinems today, free with your subscription.

Jeu en ligne Transfer A Character Info - June 17, 2011

A new Ogrines service is available today: transfer a character to a different server! Are you feeling the need to see new faces, try a different server, or join your friends who started their DOFUS journey elsewhere? Now you can!

Registration for Miss & Mister Amakna is open! It’s time to strut your “bling bling” and prove you’ve got swagga. But remember… be chic, not kitsch!

  The days when gathering up a group to run a dungeon being more difficult than actually running the dungeon will soon be over!

  Aspiring YouTube artists, it's your time to shine! You can win a complete Charlie's Set and a Boh-Bin Shield by making a music video for our Songify DOFUS Contest!

DOFUS: Battles is smashing its way up the charts on the Apple Apps store, and the web is taking note! The fine people of Touch Arcade are bringing you the first English review of DOFUS: Battles for iPod, iPad and iPhone.  

A new Ogrines service is available today: restoration of deleted characters! Have you lost a beloved character due to a deadly misclick, a hasty decision, or for any other reason? Get it back!

DOFUS : Battles is out! Time to flex your mighty index finger for the cause of war, because the battle is bursting loose on your screens! The World of Twelve is in danger, and only you can save it! Discover DOFUS : Battles, the first game from Ankama for iPad, iPhone, and iPod!

Jeu en ligne Premium in Pink Info - April 29, 2011

Pick a pack of Premium DOFUS content and get a free Pink Dragoone Plushie! A new special offer available now in the Ankama Shop!

  You can be anything with the help of DOFUS Magazine! Issue #1 drops today!

Today's the day! Rogues and Masqueraiders are available for all DOFUS players!

A precious document has been recovered from the northern glacial fields, it's the newest DOFUS 2.0 artbook - Frigost Art!  

  A unique experience, 10, 000 years before DOFUS, which will give you more insight into your favourite universe...    

Jeu en ligne Frigost Storm Warning! Info - April 01, 2011

  An incredible wave of cold air has washed over the Ankama Shop, bringing with it an avalanche of new DOFUS 2.0 artbooks - it's time for Frigost Art!  

  Ankama Convention #6 is almost here, and your CCM team is bringing you a chance to get in for free! This amazing opportunity is all thanks to a contest that says “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!” That’s right, it’s time to play Eat My Fanart!  

Ankama is giving you a taste of Ankama Convention #6 in the comfort of your own home!  

If you want a sneak preview of the game’s world before its Xbox LIVE Arcade™ release on March 30th, visit the new Islands of Wakfu website.
Jeu en ligne Cut the pork! Info - April 01, 2011
The Dragon Pig is in the house! Or rather, in the pigpen… Relaxing in his brand new dungeon, he’s sitting in the pigbird seat (to coin a phrase). The first players to topple him from his perch and give him a good thrashing will be rewarded!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the creation of the world of DOFUS… Islands of WAKFU (downloadable exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade™) is now available for 800 Microsoft® Points (appr. €10)!  

As Valentine’s Day ends in reality, the DOFUS celebration of love is just beginning, running from today until February 22nd!

We've barely begun to announce the return of Chocrosis to the World of the Twelve, and already pink Gobballs are contaminating careless wanderers.  Will you be one of those who avoid these beasts like the plague, or will you gleefully plunge into the Pink Madness?

Two NPCs are searching for adventurers willing to take and overcome their quests.  Help Cuspuler and Isgrate Giftoyu to win Ballotwine Chocolates, Fairyworks, and also an amulet that displays an exclusive title!

Read more information on the page dedicated to St. Ballotwine.