Goultarminator is back!

The 7th edition of the most anticipated tournament of the year is almost here! If you’re new, Goultarminator is a big inter-server event that takes place every year in DOFUS. You represent your server and battle other teams to bring home the title of champion! But be careful, Goultard is watching you and waiting for you at the tournament... uhh... for you to turn your back!

Every year in DOFUS, ‘summer’ means ‘brawl’. (Well, no, not literally! You bunch of Iops!) There’s a reason Goultarminator is inspired by the name of the greatest warrior the World of Twelve has ever known! With battles between players and between servers, Goultarminator brings together the very best and strongest DOFUS adventurers.

With Goultarminator, you can defend your server’s colours and show your enemies why it’s the best!