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A set to rule them all while supporting esports on Dofus!

Congratulations to those who sailed through the second round and are now qualified for the final of the Miss & Mister World of Twelve 2023 contest!
A big well done to the other participants, but unfortunately, the contest ends here for them!

Once again this year, Ankama will be proudly representing its video game productions (and more!) – and inviting you to maximize your fun by tearing down the barriers between your favorite games. How? That's what we'll be explaining in this first article!

You have an appointment with a femme fatale in a lush place. This ravishing boss is to die for and could spell trouble for you in her verdant dungeon… That's right! The next Dungeon Rusher takes you to the leafy lair of Belladonna. And your harvest if you successfully reap will be… a new shield!

Did you miss the livestream? Don't worry – we've got you covered! Here's a quick recap of the latest Ankama Live! Logan, Dusk, and Papinaut talked about their second week of adventures in Parchomancia.

They appeared in the shop in a cloud of ominous purple smoke. Do they contain a poisonous plant? A dark and mysterious set? See for yourselves… if you dare! Beneath their dangerous-looking exteriors, these packs are rather beautiful. But which one should you go for? Well, pick your poison!

Goultard came back to play tricks on you in Temporis Retro a few months ago, and this year, he's stopping by DOFUS 2 to relaunch his traditional summer challenge!

Missed the live stream? Don't worry, we got you! Here's for a recap of last week's Ankama Live stream! Logan, DUSK, and Papinaut discussed Parchomancia's stimulating first week, shared fun stats, and answered community questions. Don't miss out on all the highlights!

You are Lazarus, leader of a group of lost adventurers, defender of widows and orphans (and sometimes other types of people), and determined to unravel the mysteries of the Tower of Trials!

The collection keeps growing! After two packs of stuffed toys and pins adored throughout the Krosmoz, the DOFUS Creatures are back with the addition of the Pandawa, Sacrier and the Huppermage. If these classes are near and dear to your heart, now's the time to show it!

Congratulations to those who sailed through the first round and are now qualified for the second stage of the Miss & Mister World of Twelve 2023 contest!
A big well done to the other participants, but unfortunately, the contest ends here for them!

You're getting accustomed to it: What would Temporis be without the usual live events alongside your adventure? That's why we have some live events for you on our Ankamalive Twitch channel on May 17 and 24!

Just seven months after the last one, the DOFUS World Cup is already back! Open to everyone on the tournament server, it's a great chance to try out competitive PvP. So give it a shot!

Lace up your boots, put up your hood and polish up your magic staff: the Tower of Trials is finally yours to explore…

The much-awaited Parchomancia Twitch Drops event is coming soon, and your loyalty and assiduity will be rewarded! Specially present for the first week of the Temporis Retro launch, those fabulous rewards will help you look even more elegant in the world of Scrollmagic!

You are Kirdor the goblin, resident of the Tower of Trials, servant to Mord, the great mage with the small head (or maybe he lost it or made it disappear), and another day of hard labor awaits once again. A tower of 42 floors doesn't clean itself, that's for sure!

Every Temporis is a unique adventure, so we have planned all the services you need to get the most out of this exciting temporary adventure. Long live Parchomancia!

It's time to prove to your mirror (and the entire World of Twelve) that you'll be the prettiest belle at the ball or the handsomest dandy on the street! Round 1 has begun!

There are lots of announcements in this article, but most of all, it's the perfect moment to watch Ankama's monumental new trailer and the chance to add the new tactical RPG to your Steam wishlist…

You've been waiting for it, and today is the big day. Yes, it's back! Twelvians, it's time for you and SKINY to get back to business for this famous event. Whether you are known for your keen sense of glamorous fashion or your talents are more comparable to a Bwork stylist, you are invited to the 2023 edition of Miss & Mister World of Twelve.

Pre-registration is over… Are you ready to face the Tower's forbidding trials?

On this sacred day when professions are celebrated, we just ask one thing of you: Don't lift a finger! Indulge yourself: When you buy 1 profession set, you get a 2-day subscription free.

To blend in with nature and be the most eco-stylish in your ecosystem, grab this pack to dress up like a real Albueran! Helmet, cape, shield and petsmount will make you a highly respected biped in wild natural settings and posh neighborhoods alike.

Bring home a bit of Pandalan myth and magic with this miniature Kamiwolf. A stuffed toy whose softness is the stuff of legend, and who's ready for all the sktriches and hugs you can give it. Adopt it today!