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Two weeks after the launch of DOFUS Retro, it's time to take a look in the rear-view mirror and tell you about the origin of the project, but it's also the chance to get out our crystal ball and talk to you about the future!

We don’t want to make a big deal of things but, in case you didn’t realize, DOFUS is celebrating 15 years of adventures. We know, we probably should make more noise about it…you know us, as humble and discreet as Creashun. Yes, Creashun! You know, the guy that saved the pets from the plague. No? You better brush up on your DOFUS history if you ever want to win an Inn Quiz! Anyway, where were we..?

They talk about him as if he were a legend or a ghost. Does he really exist? Or does he exist only in your dreams? What's certain, though, is that this dream-inspired draconic ceremonial pet is also colorable. Spruce him up however you like so he can be with you in your worst nightmares!

This year is an emotional one for Ankama as we celebrate 15 years of the Krosmoz! For this very special occasion, an artbook with the most striking illustrations from the past 15 years is available in pre-order in the Ankama Shop. The first 50 buyers will get a free autograph!

From Pandala to Nimaltopia, from Frigost to Moon Island, wherever you may roam, a home will always be that special place where you can kick off your boots, stretch in front of your fireplace and not worry about pesky bworks stealing your stuff while you take a well- deserved nap. There’s no place like one’s haven bag…

Online game #KTA: KT Finals Season 3 Info - October 05, 2019
Since summer started, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena Season 3 has filled your days with PVP thanks to three major tournaments. Now it's time for the KT Finals – the competition of champions!

"Who? - The Magik Riktus Bandits. - *Not getting it* - You're such a noob, forget it. – Such a... what?" This conversation based on real facts could happen to you. In that case, just put on the hood and smile: until October 20, the Magik Riktus Bandits are back in the DOFUS Retro shop.

To celebrate your MMO's 15th anniversary, DOFUS isn't short on ideas! After the retro version that thrilled more than one, after a "nostalgia" video that – admit it – brought a tear to your eye, after a most dreamy update… It's time for a double XP weekend to keep the party going!

Have you filled up on nostalgia with DOFUS Retro? Now it's time to get back to reality! Well… Reality… Not quite! For DOFUS's 15th anniversary, a rather special event is waiting for you in this totally dreamy update…

The mist is lifting over Update 2.53, and new subscription packs are appearing! You dreamed of them, we made them: dream-inspired, draconic and colorable cosmetic items. Get ready to face down your worst nightmares!

You know the secret to a great Dungeon Rusher, right? A good dungeon, a good boss and a good shield! Well, guess what? This time, it's LeChouque who's perfected the recipe… Ripate style!

Dofus DOFUS Retro Is Online Info - September 23, 2019

The five new servers are open! DOFUS is going to be in full swing for its 15th anniversary, and for those wishing for a worthy companion, you can get a pet worthy of your valiance... 

Dofus A Septangel Night's Dream Info - September 23, 2019

On the trail of the Vulbis Dofus, you were once again leading your guild in a fierce battle against dark forces… when a white Wabbit caught your eye. Actually, he was wearing a blue vest! But the strangest thing was that he seemed troubled. He pulled a compass out of his pocket, pointed it at a bush, and then disappeared into the thicket…

While our team is rushing to the finish line, we have some news for you about DOFUS Retro.

Celebrate the Me Hearty Party with fanfare! Get on board now for the Piwate Event, an in-game treasure hunt giving you the chance to win over thirty prizes, available from tomorrow.

Ankama Ankama Not Live : Episode 5 ! Info - September 16, 2019

Fall's Here for Ankama (Not) Live! Catch up on all the news from Ankama Boardgames, Ankama Éditions, tie-in merchandise, the WAKFU MMO, and of course the DOFUS MMO in this new episode where, once again, Ankamians show their serious side with a disconcerting austerity…

Online game Class Pack – Rogue Shop - September 12, 2019

After the recently released Sram class pack, the god of thieves has decided to go another round with the equally explosive Rogue class pack. All we can say is… it's da bomb, dude!

Ankama DOFUS Retro News Info - September 12, 2019

Last week we unveiled our plans for DOFUS Retro and held a survey to choose the name of the new server. Find out which name won and more information about the DOFUS Retro version!

So… what were you doing 15 years ago? Here, a group of friends – whose heads were full of visions of another universe and whose hearts were full of the desire to share it and amuse tons of people they'd never met – pushed a button…

Online game #KTA: September Open Info - September 03, 2019
In September, experience the third act of Krosmoz Tournaments Arena's third season!

As sad as the naturalist Enutrofs are to see another Summer coming to an end, it’s likely to inspire them and all holidaymakers to make the most of the remaining August days. Now is the time to seize the moment and go all out. Live your best Summer, and make sure to send us a postcard via Stagecoach!

The king of the jungle is back and swinging to your rescue! He still has plenty of surprises up his sleeve for you – and especially for your opponents – with his famous hammer known throughout the World of Twelve. What could be better to finish off your opponents in style? You and your Moon pack, of course!

While some of you are packing your bags or perhaps already back from holidays, the online Ankama Shop fairies are busy preparing discounts to brighten your vacay (no need to worry about sunburn here, though!). You have until September 3 to take advantage of these deals!

You thought he was gone for good. In reality, he just took a well-earned vacation. Your date with a Dungeon Rusher is back and you'll have to fight a little Pandawa who's all grown up: Daggero! There's even a shield up for grabs!