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SURPRISE! On top of the unlimited dungeon weekend announced yesterday, we're doing one better with this DRR: get a head start on Al Howin and treat yourself to a hellish trek through the Haunted House at the Trool Fair. It'd be a nice chance to return from the dead with a lovely Boockler, don't ya think?

As the saying goes, "An unlimited dungeon weekend never comes alone." Huh? Is that not a saying? Ah… Well, no matter! Because whether you like it or not, this event will be accompanied by another Dungeon Farmer! From Friday, October 22 to Monday, October 25, make like a tree and leave for the Soft Oak Dungeon – if you can stake the boss, you'll come away with a lovely shield!

Welcome to another Tempo Weekly summary, where we write up the main info covered during the fourth Temporis AnkamaLive. This week, we answered your questions on a variety of DOFUS-related topics such as Temporis (well, obviously!), Kolossium, among others, but we also had a little time to talk about Ankama's 20th Anniversary and the pack. 

We promised it would happen in the news Ankama's 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues: from October 22 to 25, there will be an unlimited dungeon weekend in DOFUS and DOFUS Retro! Polish up your equipment, gulp down a mint shigekax to keep your breath fresh: Now you're ready to rush!

Some curses are as persistent as a pumpkwin soup stain on a brand-new white shirt. Oh, look! Right on time! The Al Howin curse is returning from tomorrow, just like it does at the same time every year. Is it a coincidence? Riiight…

All lights are orange – the Al Howin festivities are about to start! Log in to the game from Wednesday to try to fight the terrible curse that's striking the World of Twelve and its inhabitants!

We said it at the beginning, the Temporis VI experience will come to a close with a tournament for the greatest warriors! It's not yet time to step on to the battlefield, but we wanted to give you all the information you need to prepare your weapons the right way…

Ankama 20th Anniversary pack Shop - October 13, 2021
20 years ago, the first lines of Ankama's story were being timidly written. Yes, 20 years already. It's enough to make anyone feel old, isn't it?
To celebrate this red-letter day of the Krosmic calendar, Ankama is releasing its 20th Anniversary Pack, which comes in a numbered* collector's box with a certificate of authenticity! But be warned: This is a limited series of only 1,000!

If you too were enchanted by the Packadabra, you'll probably be equally drawn to the mysterious Dragosayer. Don't seek to understand – its otherworldly charm is elusive…

Hello everyone to another Tempo Weekly AnkamaLive summary!
For this week’s edition, aside from talking about Temporis VI and a Q&A session, we're talking Rogues and bots.

There are those who combine spells, and then those who merge servers. In either case, the goal is the same: to create magic! The Temporis VI servers will merge soon! Read on to learn more about this maintenance update that's meant to improve your gaming experience even more.

Dofus Retro New Kannipiwi Pack Shop - October 11, 2021

The tribe keeps on growing: after the Starter Pack, now it's time for the Kannipiwi Pack to be welcomed among DOFUS Retro subscription options!

Online game Back to the Bones Pack Shop - October 07, 2021

The new subscription packs will take you back to the past, to the days of your most distant ancestors. They smell of dust, animal musk and physical effort (all right, let's be honest: they stink). You can tell right away… that you're back to the bones!

Something new has come to the Ankama Launcher again! Now you'll never miss a livestream, thanks to the Stream tab!

Hello everyone to another Tempo Weekly AnkamaLive summary!
For this week’s edition, aside from talking about DOFUS-related topics (including Temporis VI), we’re talking with Midl and Shax (KTA), who organise everything esports related for DOFUS.

As you know, this year marks a very special point in Ankama's history: We're celebrating our 20th anniversary. It has shown up here and there in your favorite games, but… there's still plenty of surprises and gifts in store for you!

Remember the Skratiay Clan we introduced you to earlier this year? Sure you do… Right, the Frigostian family descended from the illustrious Brandon Skratiay! Well, now we've tracked down their rivals from within the Katiay dynasty: make way for the Drakatiay Clan!

Online game Temporis VI - Weekly Tempo 1 Info - September 27, 2021

Welcome back to another Ankama Live Weekly Tempo season! We will change the format a little this time around: we'll be looking at simplified streams focused on answering your questions. To clarify again, these will be Weekly Tempo streams where we will answer your questions not only about Temporis but anything DOFUS related, such as DOFUS Retro, classic DOFUS content, etc.

In bubblegum pink, it looked good enough to eat. In black, it was darkly fascinating. And in flamboyant red, it'll set your heart on fire! To celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary, the ever-popular XL Dragoone stuffed toy is back in colors that bear a striking resemblance to a certain well-known logo

Dofus Retro Prezzie Pack Shop - September 23, 2021
20 years! Well, now we feel old! We still remember your first steps in the World of Twelve, proudly showing off your Boon Set. In those days, you didn't have a pet by your side. Now you get to adopt one that's both badass and iconic. Are you intrigued yet? Sure you are – it's obvious you're totally wigging (yep, our vernacular's over 20 as well).
Online game Temporis VI is now online! Info - September 22, 2021

If you liked playing sorcerer's apprentice in The Rise of the Scrollsayers, then you're going to love this new edition of Temporis, where the Scrollsayers get their revenge! Temporis VI is now online, so drop what you're doing and jump into the game right now!

With this globally pre-sentient potion, you can forgo those grueling trips and get from point A to point B just like that. Already available for mounts, it is now available for petsmounts! You laz– uh, busy adventurers can rejoice! Also included: a blind box featuring old petsmounts!

As soon as the Temporis servers open, BAM! There they are. Djinn and Logan are back, inviting you to tune in for the first Tempo Weekly for the sixth edition of Temporis!

Seeing so many of you pre-registered for this new edition, especially as we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, is giving us a powerful dose of that warm fuzzy feeling that reminds us why we get out of bed every morning. We're so proud and so grateful to all of you – thanks for being there for each of our events!