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Dofus #TON: Tournament of Nations Event - November 17, 2017

Have you missed the Goultarminator? A volunteer players' association would like to give you a chance to experience it again and is organizing the Tournament of Nations from December to February!

From November 17 to 20, take advantage of an offer that'll give you wings. And not just any wings – Black Crow wings! The costume of this famous flying creature is yours for free when you spend 6,000 Ogrines or more. 

If the god Iop saw fit to give a speech in Astrub personally addressing Twelvians, the situation must be dire indeed… See for yourself by logging on right now and testing the Update 2.45 beta!

The DOFUS World Series handed down its verdict last week with Allister Zoo's victory over M Bad Gones! It's time to look back at this unforgettable competition!

  • "Say, where did you get that fine harness?"
  • "Why, from the Shop, of course! When you spend 6,000 OG*, they'll give you the Pilot Dragoturkey Harness. Or, if you spend 9,000 OG**, you'll receive the Sufokian Seemyool Harness! And by the way, they are compatible with mono-account servers!"
Raval was restless. He was pacing up and down over-excitedly, like when he was young and it was almost Kwismas. Except that this time, it was he – and he alone – who was going to "make" his own gift…
Dofus Free Extravagant Shield! Shop - November 07, 2017

Until November 10th, you can take advantage of this exceptional offer! The Extravagant Shield* will be yours for no additional charge any time you purchase a pack of 6,000 or more Ogrines! Now there's something to dazzle the gods right back to their Divine Dimensions... 

We're proud to announce that as of Friday, November 3rd, Kerub's Bazaar is available to watch on That's right, Kerub, Joris, and Simone are rubbing shoulders with the greats on the same site that brings you Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, Cartoon Hangover, MBMAM, and even that one show about Boruto's dad!

Dofus Weekend subscription offer! Shop - November 03, 2017

It's great playing DOFUS  for free. Exploring new zones and getting into fistfights with new monsters for only 450 Ogrines, that's even better! Until 11:59pm (Paris time) on November 5th, take advantage of our two-day subscription offer!

Allister Zoo and M BadGones have been at the top of the championship throughout the 7 weeks of competition, and now they'll go head-to-head in the DOFUS World Series final, on Friday November 3rd at Paris Games Week!

Ankama Gamakna #4 is here! Info - October 31, 2017

While Al Howin is in full swing, it's hard to say what's scariest… The sinister howl of a Boowolf? The creepy croak of a Crobak? The terrified cry of a Twelvian who's run into a Miss Ugly…? Or perhaps your gasp when you see the cover of the latest issue of Gamakna?! Check out the Table of Contents! Before it's too late… Mwaahahaha!

The DOFUS World Series championship handed down its verdict this weekend, and we now know who the four semi-finalists are: Out of Control, TeamJbzz, M Bad Gones, and Allister Zoo!

Come and experience the Mono-account adventure on the Razad and Ganymede servers, all while enjoying a free week-end*!

It's the spookiest time of the year! The curse of Al Howin has returned, are you ready for a frightfully good time?

It's time for the new Dungeon Rusher! From Saturday, October 28 to Sunday, October 29, head to Kickroach's Lair. It's now or never. Time to see if it's true that the smaller they are, the harder they fall…

With two days to go before the end of the championship, the fight for qualification could not be closer! One slot and four teams: they're going to have to fight for it!

The mono-account servers are very often full and you are many to not be able to log into them.

This year, we are asking you to take a part in drafting our 2018 calendar. And the time has come for the last step in this endeavour!

Following the opening of the mono-account server, you have been many to give us your feedback about login issues.
Let's review the situation.

Update 2.44 is online! You're finally going to be able to test the great new feature in this patch, which we've been teasing you with in the latest edition of Gamakna: the mono-account server.

For the first time ever, we have given you the possibility to directly influence the orientation of the 2018 calendar by telling us your 10 most important wishes for DOFUS. It is now time to take a look at the first round of feedback!

Impressive matches and awesome performances in the DWS! Did you miss this weekend's hostilities? No problem: We're here to catch you up!

Dofus 30% Off Living Items Shop - October 11, 2017
From today through October 15th, take advantage of 30% off the regular price of living items. But that's not all: the living Shushivin Set is back! Don't miss out! 

The first legs of the championship are now over! So, which team is doing best at the halfway point?