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Dofus Foggernaut Class Packs Shop - November 21, 2019
From November 21 to 27, class packs are going full steam to appeal to Foggernauts! It's time to check in on Oktapodas. Let's dive near the ol' octopus face to see what he's got in store for you!
Dofus Dungeon Rusher Week Tour Event - November 21, 2019

You've been annihilating dungeons since your very first Dungeon Rusher. Boostache, Daggero, Skeunk, Merkator, Dantinea, Missiz Freezz, and Count Harebourg: you faced them all! But surely you must know that was all just a warm-up…

Ankama KrosmoNote, it's tomorrow! Event - November 20, 2019

Get ready: KrosmoNote, the meeting place for the Ankama teams event to present our games' upcoming updates, is tomorrow, Thursday the 21st of November, starting at 6 p.m. (CET) on Ankama Live! Spoiler alert activated...

This Saturday, November 23 the finals get underway in the DOFUS Cup, the tournament that's been turning heads for two years! More details in the news below.

+ de Dofus DOFUS & WAKFU Kwismas Packs Shop - November 14, 2019

You get trapped with them every year, there are two of them, and they're rather plump, but they're neither your in-laws nor the traditional Dragoturkey of Descendre 25. The DOFUS and WAKFU Kwismas packs are available for pre-order now in the Ankama Shop online! Hurry while supplies last.

Online game Teaser: The Master of Dreams Info - November 13, 2019

Those who've managed to complete the Draconiros quest line have been the first to witness an eliocalyptic vision in the game. What could it mean? Watch the video to get an idea!

During her investigation into the temporal anomalies, Xelor's Emissary met a young Masqueraider in Amakna who could predict events that hadn't yet taken place. This strange encounter, although it had all the ingredients of the ongoing cases, seemed nevertheless to go beyond the scope of her investigation. She told Magus Ax that the case of the child had as much to do with a disturbance of time as it did the realm of dreams and nightmares…

Crunch, smunch, crunch… Do you miss that sound of Pumpkwins "screaming" when you carve into their tender flesh? Did you not get enough of Al Howin? Never fear! We're giving you a chance to scare the crowds with a costume that's half-goddess, half-wicked (and half-goddess again in the back): the Nightmare set!

There's been a lot going on during this Al Howin season, huh? Pumpkwins to carve, candies to get a hold of, chit-chatting with Malice... so much to do, so little time. Did you do everything you wanted to? We are asking because this is the last week of the Al Howin festivities. The pumpkwins and spooky chills will last until next Tuesday, November 12th!

Never were the nights so black, the fear so deathly, the mysteries so… mysterious as they are during this season. Just for a moment, imagine what could be hidden inside: a Pumpkwin? A Chafer? No… The Al Howin Mystery Box has much worse in store for you!

Prepare to be dazzled! KrosmoNote is the chance for you to learn about the next expansion. It will also feature tons of info and all kinds of revelations! The conference is on November 21, starting at 6 p.m. (Paris time) on Ankama Live.

As of today, discover the first elements of the next DOFUS extension! A new set of quests is about to reveal incredible secrets...

Al Howin's Day is coming up. Bats are starting to emerge from their caves, pumpkwins are trembling at the thought of being cut, ghosts and ghouls plotting to sow terror and discord across Amakna... but the time is not yet ripe for chaos and fear, but for creativity and fun!

After many years of loyal service, the DOFUS Updater will be retiring on October 29! You may wonder: "What's going to happen?" The answers are here!

If you're reading this post, that means LeChouque didn't shred you to pieces. It also means you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to tackle the next Dungeon Rusher! We hope you're thick-skinned, because you'll be facing the Boostache! There's even a Boo-ckler up for grabs!

Dofus DOFUS Music: Fresh news Info - October 25, 2019

The DOFUS music revision work begun by sir Guillaume Pladys himself a few months ago continues. And like every time we have news, we want to share it with you. Discover two songs featuring new arrangementsfor Frigost the Glacial!

First those curvaceous scales hit you. Then you get lost in her smoky eyes… You're under her spell – don't fight it! She's waiting to offer you a steamy 3-month subscription!

It rings throughout the ages. Like an echo across time. Its meaning hasn't yet been revealed to you. It's only a matter of time. The end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Imagine a loop that can adjust and reshape itself with each turn. Deja vu, but never quite the same twice. The sand keeps pouring. The last grain will bring the truth…

The DOFUS Cup 2019 is fast approaching. Many people can already see themselves taking first place on the podium, kamas raining down all around them. And rightly so! To inflate the Cash Prize like a Gobbowl ball, three items have been put on sale in the shop. And that's right now!

Dofus Osamodas Class Packs Shop - October 17, 2019

Wouldn't it be great to whip those class packs into shape? Maybe yank their chains a bit? Show 'em your fangs? Well, you're in luck: from now through October 23, Osamodas has got his paws on them! We can almost hear you licking your chops already!

Get ready for even more content, the unlocking of another step in the 15-year anniversary quest, a challenge, and a new series of quests that will arrive at the end of the month!

Online game DOFUS CUP 2019 Info - October 16, 2019

It's just your cup of tea: The DOFUS Cup 2019 is in the starting blocks! And it's no tempest in a teacup! (We hope you'll forgive us for this lead-in someday…)

Two weeks after the launch of DOFUS Retro, it's time to take a look in the rear-view mirror and tell you about the origin of the project, but it's also the chance to get out our crystal ball and talk to you about the future!