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Osamodas welcomes you with open arms once again in the constantly evolving world of Osatopia 2! Get ready to experience a unique journey, to discover unknown modsters, and to write your own story in this new adventure! Join us and become an Osatopia 2 "Chromaddict", the much awaited sequel to this fantastic tale!

Ankama New Osatopia 2 Stuffed Toys! Shop - September 26, 2023

As you know, the hunt is on again, with a second chapter of Osatopia that's even furrier than the last one… But what you probably don't know is that Modsters have taken advantage of this new edition to evolve into a completely new form – adorable stuffed toys! Discover them while waiting for Osatopia's opening this afternoon!

Pre-registration for the second edition of this beastly adventure is now over. So get ready – the hunt will be on before you know it!  
New creatures, new challenges… The second Osatopia adventure sounds promising! No doubt you've got the build of a master. All you need is a pack to help you embark on an adventure without worrying that your feathers might get ruffled. That's what the Osatopia 2 packs are here for!
"Osatopia". This word is making a splash in the World of Twelve… and although we're celebrating the arrival of its second edition, some newcomers don't know anything about it but want to get involved (and others simply dare not take the plunge). So guess what? You can find all the answers here!

The new update, Reunification of the Dofus, is here! If you want to become godlike, your time has come. But be warned: Getting the dragon eggs won't be a piece of cake!

The new DOFUS Retro update invites the boldest adventurers to complete a quest that will let them rival the gods. The hunt for the six Primordial Dofus can begin! But, erm, you're not going to set off looking like that, are you?

Update 1.41, in which the bravest among you can reunite the Primordial Dofus, is fast approaching. In this post we want to provide more details about one of the many features planned: improvements to ceremonial items!

Ever felt like you've lived a thousand lives in the World of Twelve? We sure have! Remember when you ditched a character like an old, mismatched sock, only to realize later that the new flashy one wasn't a good fit? And so you ended up getting a different one? Ah, the nostalgia! 

Kerubaby, the Dauge, and Drhellbert: These three pets are folding over backwards, just for you! Available individually or together in a pack; and the latter comes with an early-access DOFUS item. On your glue, get folding… craft!

Earlier today, Logan spoke on our AnkamaLive Twitch channel about several current topics concerning DOFUS. Here's a summary of the information that was shared.

After a long series of hard-fought battles, the Goultarminator event has now goultarminated (yeah, we went there). Hey! Don't leave yet! You're forgetting the most important part (because no matter what your gym teacher told you, it's not just "participating"). We're talking about rewards, of course! Read on to learn all about them!

The iconic – no, primordial – quest in your favorite version of your favorite MMO is here at last! Will you succeed in reuniting the Six Primordial Dofus? Will this spell the end of the game? Do you have enough provisions left for the adventure ahead? Find all the answers here, in the upcoming livestream, in the imminent devblog, and in your fridge.

Online game Osatopia 2: Register Now! Info - September 05, 2023
Registration for Osatopia 2 is now open! Invite your friends to join you to score even more rewards!

Since our announcement of the next Temporis event, we know you've been getting ready for the fun to get under way on September 26. In the meantime, read on for all the details!

The god Osamodas has answered your prayers: The second ever Osatopia will soon launch. Mark your calendars for September 5, for a livestream all about the event!

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your shopping experience, we've made a few changes to the Class Change service. 

Two great new items in the Ankama Shop! An infamous creature from the World of Twelve has broken away from the herd: catch it quick! Geography and art lovers can also pick up a poster of the World of Twelve in its most comprehensive version to date, now including the Archipelago of Valonia!

Online game Inflatable Pack Shop - August 23, 2023

Warm weather is here, and you're using this opportunity to show off your summer body on the beaches of Bilbiza. For a style that's as cool as a life-size sand castle, there's just one solution: the Inflatable Pack!

We're always working to make your DOFUS adventure a little better. Today, it's our pleasure to share a few new tidbits about the Ankama Store. So here we go!

The last open KTA tournament of 2023, and it's coming up soon. The DOFUS Summer Qualifier is your chance to try and qualify for the championship!

Dofus Retro Kitsoune Pack Shop - August 17, 2023

Mystical and enchanting – that's what they'll say about you once you've donned the Kitsoune Set and wandered the World of Twelve alongside the Famystic. You can find all this in the Kitsoune Pack!

Get ready to set sail in a colorful, post-apocalyptic world in the free public WAVEN Early Access on PC, online now!

Because we know you love to dress up, we have decided to extend our cosplay contest to September 17, 23h59 CEST! Do not miss this opportunity to exercise your greatest creative exploits and to stand out with your inventiveness, whether it's with your sewing machine, paper towel rolls or your furry friend!