The results of the second stage are now available. We’ve taken our time getting back to you about the class improvements, but it’s all for a good cause… Let us explain.

In our first post, we announced our battle plan for the project. We’re going to modify that plan slightly to adapt to the community’s wishes as expressed in previous surveys.

The next survey will be posted late May rather than today, and will cover only the Osamodas and Sacrier classes.

We had also told you that we’d only be be adjusting spell values, but we’ll have to go further than that for the Osamodas and Sacrier classes because the changes we need to make will affect the very core of their gameplay mechanisms. We don’t want to make changes to these two classes that will ultimately do nothing to improve the current situation.

So here’s the updated project calendar:

Phase 1

  • Mid-May: new version of Osamodas and Sacrier classes available on the BETA server
    • We’re in a game design process here, so the spell icons and spell animations won’t be finished yet at that point.
  • One week later: A call to the community to respond to our surveys about the Osamodas and Sacriers available from the BETA server only, to get your feedback after you’ve had a little while to get used to those classes.

Phase 2

  • First half of June: All class improvements will be available in BETA
    • Still no spell icons or animations, so don’t be surprised.
  • Second half of June: Survey(s) available from BETA for all classes.

Following the official BETA 2.52 launch (on a date that we’ll share with you in due time), you’ll still be able to continue familiarizing yourself with all the changes, but we really needed a longer BETA phase for this project.

During this period, the game designers will have multiple changes to make every week throughout the week, so don’t be surprised if you see the BETA servers being updated frequently during this time (which is actually the whole point, after all). And please remember to read up regularly on the changes being made (for this purpose we will do our best to provide translated BETA patch notes, but they might come with some delay) – don’t rely solely on your first impression


This is all cool and everything, but what the heck happened with this second stage?!

To be honest, we did shed a quiet tear for the participants who filled out the survey multiple times just to troll the other classes… not to mention that one guy who filled it out 46 times. He got a whole separate tear of his own — but hey, that’s what tissues are for. Moving on! ;)

But the overwhelming majority of feedback was from super-committed players, and we were really happy about that — so thanks to all of you for taking our process seriously and for bringing that same sense of honesty and seriousness to your responses. Just to give you an idea, the person with the most survey responses submitted 76 of them, and almost all of their feedback was accepted.

So, just to explain how we sort through your responses (without getting into the details): we take all the responses, determine an average response range (just broad enough but not too broad either, to be precise) and then cut out everything that falls outside of that.


"Everyone’s going to get nerfed": FALSE!

Seriously, this is super-duper-false. Some of you started panicking a bit when the results of the first phase were published, but you’ll see that the results here are very different. As we said earlier, this is a process that takes time and can change along the way. We share the results with you because that’s a necessary part of keeping you fully involved in the process. But please, take a deep breath and don’t jump to any hasty conclusions! We’ll be honest with you — it’s certainly possible that once everything’s done, some of the the changes we make will be perceived as nerfing certain classes. But the process will always be a transparent one.

Find more details about the second stage survey for each class in the respective threads:


Got questions for us? Ask away, we’ll do our best to answer them!

Join us on Twitch tonight starting at 6.30 p.m. and we’ll try to answer as many of your questions as we can in 1 hour!


For our non-French-speaking communities, we understand that it’s tough to follow along with the live event in French, but a summary of our answers from the event will be available no later than the middle of next week in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Thank you for your patience.