A shadow hangs over this latest Temporal Mystery Box – the box of the queen of reversals, the Butcher of Brakmar, Julith herself! Until June 23, you've got the incredible opportunity to try to put on her set!

If you don't manage to get it, take comfort telling yourself that clothes don't make the man – or woman. Also, take advantage of the help you can get from the resources this new Temporal Mystery Box contains! Because when facing your enemies, you'll have to answer one question rather quickly: cape or… capers?

Get Temporal Mystery Box 2 in the DOFUS store until Sunday, June 23 (11:59 p.m. CEST) – the more you buy, the more you save!


* The shigekax, pearldrops, and the globally pre-sentient potion will be linked to your character for 2 months. The Chronomorph transformation potions and the subscription token will be permanently linked to your account. All the other items will be linked to your account for the duration of 1 year. 
Pearldrops are variants of Shigekaxes. The effects of these candies are no longer counted in terms of the number of fights but in duration. Each Pearldrop will let you increase a given type of characteristic for 60 minutes.

These items are not available in Belgium.
In order to comply with the Belgium Gaming Commission's recommendations, we removed our Mystery Boxes from the shop and from the game.