This weekend, our two FBA agents didn't go to work. Their superior had to convince higher-ups that his team was working night and day to solve the "The Zaap Mystery" and that no, they weren't the ones who suggested that title to the press! Reluctant to sit idly by, Fax couldn't stop himself from visiting Nada…

Nada Skelet's Home

Koalak Mountain

10:54 a.m.

At the foot of the mountain, there was a green meadow that offered majestic pastures to herds of Dragoturkeys. There were a few trees here and there, timeless, their wide, swinging leaves exposed to capture all the sunlight. A carriage pulled by two horses was advancing silently in this vast expanse. It stopped in front of a charming stone shack. On the same land, a barn could be seen. An adventurer, covered in a strips of cloth, got out of the carriage, gave the cart driver his regards, and headed straight for the hayloft.

Inside, a dark-coated Dragoturkey was being brushed by its owner while pecking at some seeds.

"I already saw you walking in the slush before, but never in such lovely boots!"

Agent Skelet was unrecognizable; she'd tied her hair into a bun and was wearing a dark-gray overall, work gloves and sailor boots. Dragoturkeys could rest on the straw in the paddocks around her.

"Hello Mystheur!"

The Xelor noticed the markings on the mount's rump:

"Apparently, you still haven't managed to get rid o' the li'l souvenir Wahn Jolsh left us…"

  • "No…" Nada confirmed, dipping her brush into the bucket of foam and water. "But…" – she took it out and stomped it on the animal's back, making it jump – "I'll get there!"

The Sram covered the markings with foamy circles, doing the Dragoturkey a lot of good after the initial surprise.

"Well! I wasn't expecting such a sight!"

  • "What's that?"
  • "You Dressed like that, all wet, spreading… foam… on your mount's rump…" Fax observed, lowering his voice as he became aware of what he was saying, completely powerless as to his slow sinking into the quicksand of innuendo…

Nada looked him up and down, somewhat perplexed and bemused. Fax's strips of cloth may have hidden his rosiness, but nothing could hide his embarrassment:

"I… Do you want a hand?"

  • "No thanks, Mystheur," she said before going off topic. "What were they saying again?"

Agent Mystheur, not fully understanding, shrugged his shoulders. So she grabbed the bucket and emptied it onto the Dragoturkey's rump, making it gobble vehemently, then deciphered:

"ENIXON-OTORP… SUOV-ZEIFEM… Ah yes! 'Beware'…"

  • "… 'Proto-noxine'…"
  • "Do you have any idea what that could be?"
  • "Nope!"


They spent the rest of the day talking about anything and everything, except for the investigation. It was the first time they'd spent so much free time together. Nada recounted to Fax how she'd spent much of her childhood in the Imp Village with her parents, how she'd learned everything a Sram was supposed to know while she was there, before growing up and making her own choices. Very quickly, she came to know it. She was going to use her ruse to do "Good". That wasn't common among Srams and Rogues! But Nada's parents understood her, and it was largely for their daughter that they moved to and lived in a more rural area closer to nature.

"In the end, Nada… deep down… you're a budding Sadida!"

  • "Where I come from, Mystheur, you can be killed for less…"



Fax had missed the evening stagecoach that could have taken him home, so he stayed at Nada's for the night. In his bed, staring at the ceiling, the Xelor thought about the day. Renniks had told them to "get out into the countryside for a little while" – it was the first time they'd followed his recommendations to the letter! The thought made him smile and he closed his eyes. He fell asleep almost immediately.


A buzzing sound.

Wings flapping fast. An insect? In any case, the result was as unpleasant as a Moskito waking you up in your sleep by doing loops around your head. In that situation, you sometimes try to hit your ear – with luck, you manage to squash the bug in a single blow with the precision of a Pandawushu master and you don't have to get up!

But right now, Fax couldn't so much as move a finger. He was paralyzed. Strangely, his body wasn't as heavy as stone, but seemed incredibly light to him. He felt like he was flying. The feeling of weightlessness was pleasant and the buzzing faded as a bluish glow filled the room. With effort, the Xelor managed to just about open one eye. The light seemed to be coming from his bedroom window. A shadow could be seen – the oval-shaped insect was hovering on the spot. It placed itself as a vector between the bluish glow and Agent Mystheur, who realized that actually, he was levitating and now moving. It then seemed to the Xelor that space was literally upside down – the room had turned over, the window appeared under his feet, and the bedroom door, the way out, was now above his head. He had the feeling of being underwater and seeing the surface move away gradually as he joined the depths. Fax's body passed in front of the mechanical insect and he recognized it: It was the Proto-Noxine. He hadn't made it out. He had somehow heard it hovering before his eyes. Beneath his feet, the window had disappeared. It was a Zaap. A male silhouette with long blond hair was waiting for him there. It suddenly spoke to him:

"At last, I meet you."

The floating sensation and feeling of slowly sinking into the depths became even stronger in that moment, because the silhouette's voice seemed muffled, like screaming underwater.

"I've been watching you for a long time, thanks to my prototype. It collected valuable information… about you. The old owl. Your friend… Perhaps you'll help me understand, Fax."

Fax cracked a smile. He and Nada had been looking for answers for weeks now, and when, at last, they got as close as they could to the mystery, he was the one asked for explanations! Keeping his eyes open required considerable effort. He was going to have to give in. He had just enough time to glimpse the bedroom door opening and a hand reaching out at the surface. Probably Nada. Far away. So far away.

"We're going to spend a little time together, mischievous little Xelor, hahaha!"

To be continued…

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