Soon enough, it won't possible to gain experience when losing a fight in Infinite Dreams.

Hey everyone, 

We won't beat around the bush: there was an enormous amount of XP generated in the Infinite Dreams. 

Strictly speaking, this isn't an actual bug exploitation but rather an abuse of faulty game mechanics

To give you a little more context, some players were deliberately losing their fights when facing specific Infinite Dreams' configurations, collecting XP and starting again. Needless to say that at high levels, it's like hitting the jackpot.

It is for that reason that, starting after tomorrow's weekly maintenance, it will no longer be possible to gain XP from a defeat in the Infinite Dreams.

Although drastic, this measure is absolutely necessary

What are the consequences?

No sanction will be applied to the actions taken prior to this message. However, if players are caught using this mechanic from this moment onwards, they will be sanctions. You have been warned. 

We remain at your disposal and attentive to your feedback, and we thank the players who have brought the problem to our attention.