A live stream on our Twitch channel just ended, covering details on the upcoming Sacrier and Osamodas class improvements. Here is a summary of the overall modifications that you will be able to test out as of this upcoming Thursday, May 16th. The Beta server will open sometime in the afternoon on that day. 


With their new summon charge mechanic, Osamodas will now need to use their Elemental Spells to be able to summon their creatures. The purpose of these changes is to get Osamodas to actively participate in combat alongside their summons, rather than having to depend on them. This is why Osamodas can now control all their class summons. These changes will be accompanied by a range of new elemental spells that should create more exciting variant choices and make the game turns less monotonous.

Advantages of the new Osamodas over the current one:

  • Free control of all Osamodas summons.
  • A balance between elemental paths in terms of summons and spells.
    • One extra Air spell.
    • Two extra Earth spells.
    • Three extra Water spells.
    • Three extra Fire spells.
  • Better multi-elemental options.
  • All summons available from level 1.
  • Better performance in fights where summons are not an option.

Limitations of the new Osamodas compared to the current one:

  • Number of summons limited by spells.
  • The death of a summon is more cumbersome.
  • Summoning a particular creature requires planning.
  • Annihilation of "summon spam" at low level (hard blow for the Osamodas player).
  • Re-learning the class will be needed.


To make the Suffering system more flexible and exciting, Suffering will directly depend on the Sacrier’s Vitality. Each Vitality tier will correspond to a Suffering level: for example, a Sacrier at 50% to 40% of its max Vitality will have its Suffering at level 6. The Suffering can no longer be negative, and ranges from 0 to 10, with each Suffering tier/level granting bonuses ( on final damage dealt and reduction of final damage suffered) of increasing importance.

Sacriers can no longer deal significant amounts of damage (nor reduce them) while having all their Vitality; instead, they will have to take risks and suffer damage to be able to benefit from these bonuses, which translates into a more accurate representation of the 'berserker' role Sacriers are supposed to perform. Sacriers’ Vitality becomes a resource in its own right, which sometimes will have to be used in order to obliterate enemies, and sometimes preserved, in order to survive or protect allies by tanking. Therefore, this new Suffering system allows Sacriers who willingly put themselves in harm’s way to be better rewarded, and a Sacrier at death’s door will be too big of a threat, impossible for its enemies to ignore.

For this reason, Sacriers will have more tools to manipulate their Vitality, whether with self-mutilating spells or healing/life-steal spells, which will allow them to manage their Suffering at the same time as their Vitality.