… thanks to the Black Crow's Crowturkey harness and everything else in the pack! It has crossed space and time to land in the store for a few days (until Sunday, May 26). Take advantage of this temporal anomaly and pounce on this tempting prey!

A little help is always welcome when you find yourself in a tricky situation. When you're up against bosses appearing out of nowhere with their Chronomorph henchmen, don't think twice about dipping into this new Temporal Mystery Box to make use of all its resources! You'll have their feathers flying in no time!



  • Crowturkey Harness
  • Selfie Emote
  • 10 Temporal Mystery Boxes (with a chance to get the Olden Times set and the new Proto-Noxine pet)
  • 6,000 OG
  • 7-day subscription

25 euros (instead of 42 euros, or -40% off)

As you can see, this pack is perfectly timed for the Black Crow!

Have fun bringing your dark harness with you in the game when you find him… that'll be sure to make him caw!

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The Crowturkey Harness and the Selfie Emote are also available out of this pack, don't miss out!