If you happen to pass by the DOFUS Boutique today, you might just get caught holding the Haven Bag... But which one? You see, there are no less than 12 of them currently making a triumphant return! Casino, Mishell and many more are waiting for you right now, at prices ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 ogrines. Don't miss out!

Starting today, 12 Haven Bags that have been available in the past will be back in the boutique! Here's the complete list:

- The Casino Haven Bag, for incorrigible gamblers

- The Field, Mishell, Harebourg, Pyramid and Triton Haven Bags, which you may already have discovered in the Mystery Box back in November 2018

- The Crypt and Corsair Ship Haven Bags, which came out with the subscription renewals of March and September 2018, respectively

- The Princess, Temporal Anomaly and Pirate Hold Haven Bags, originally part of promotional offers in early 2019

- And the current Spring Haven Bag, which will be replaced by the Summer Haven Bag when the next season rolls around.


The Casino and Spring Haven Bags are available for 3,000 ogrines. The others cost 5,000 ogrines each.

This time around, don't pass them by!

Get them now!