An icy wind is about to blow across the World of Twelve. In the middle of Maysial? Strange… But not really when you know that the next Dungeon Rusher – previously unseen – is inviting you to face Count Harebourg's lieutenant: Missiz Freezz! The prize: a freezzing Snowdrift Shield up for grabs!

Missiz Freezz wasn't always the cold, merciless warrior that we know. Once, she was a loving wife. Until the day when a terrible betrayal froze both her blood and heart… Now, the one known as the "Ice Warrior" has become a power-hungry Smithmage, but first and foremost the right hand of the famous Count Harebourg.

If you aren't of the faint-hearted type, head to Missiz Freezz's Frostforge to face this slightly frosty Xelor from Friday, May 31 at 4:01 p.m. CEST to Monday, June 3 at 8:59 a.m.

You can win a freezzing Snowdrift Shield!

* Offer valid once per character. Monsters killed in arenas don't count. The shield will appear directly in your inventory.