A lot of effort and work has gone into gathering the community feedback and to involve the community in the class balancing initiative. This effort didn’t stop with the surveys. We continuously try to identify ways to work better, for the benefit of our players, and sometimes this means putting aside old ways and embracing change.


Because the devs still want feedback from all communities, we decided to try something new.

Crocus and Starbender, two great game designers who respectively are working on the Sacrier and Osamodas changes, are eager for some proactive and constructive feedback. They have each created a feedback thread on the FR forum inviting players to present their feedback, suggestions, ideas, and even to engage in some discussions based on some topics they present.

EN posts on these two French topics will be welcomed. The French moderation team has been instructed to not set English-written posts invisible on those two threads.

I will be around to assist the dev team with translations where required.

I would like for you guys to have a chance to discuss Osa and Sac changes directly with the devs. We have so many experienced and knowledgeable players in our community, and I want them to get to know our community. (Yes, I am very excited about this. ^^)

I know some of you have already posted your comments in these forums, but I would kindly urge you to post them on the FR side too. Some of you have over a decade of knowledge on at least one of these two classes, either by playing them or fighting with/against them! Below my message, you will find a rough translation of both threads created by the game designers. Please do read them before you go and post on the French threads. 

Now, I must remind you that this is a trial. Depending on how this works out, we will see if this is the kind of approach we will do again in future when it comes to substantial and detailed reporting such as class balancing feedback.

Much love,


Now that BETA is open, you can test the changes to the Sacrier class! This subject is therefore intended to collect your opinions, comments and suggestions on this class’ redesign.

For those who might have missed it, here is the changelog:

I also take this opportunity to remind you that the icons, animations, visual effects of spells are not final versions and will be reworked in the coming weeks. The same thing goes for the values ​​of spells, especially damage; many things are likely to change. Your feedback will be used to adjust all these values, so don’t worry!


  • The preview of the Berserk spell's AoE is incorrect and displays a circle of 3 instead of a circle of 2.
  • The preview of the Desolation spell’s AoE is also false since it only displays one cell instead of a Boomerang AoE of 1.
  • The Life Transfer spell does not change Suffering based on lost HP.
  • The description of the spell Punishment indicates Neutral damage, instead of damage in the character’s strongest/best element.
  • The Flying Sword does not transform correctly, according to its summoner’s Suffering.


I would particularly like your feedback on the following points, to know if the objectives we have sought to fulfil with this redesign meet your expectations:

  • Does the gameplay respect the background and lore of the class?
  • What do you think of the Suffering system?
  • Does the gameplay seem fun and interesting, considering the options proposed to you?
  • Do the elemental paths seem distinct and from each other, as well as effective in their different roles?
  • Do the elemental paths seem balanced between them?
  • How do you feel about the order/level at which spells are unlocked? What about the pairing of a spell and its variant?
  • Are multi-elemental modes/builds interesting to play?
  • What place will the Sacrier take in PvM?
  • What will be their roles in PvP?


Hello everyone! Starbender here, the game designer who deals with the Osamodas’ redesign. Before logging onto the BETA, here is some info on what you can test at the moment and the directions being considered.

The Osamodas redesign is a huge project; if we’ve opened the BETA earlier than usual, it's to have the time to make changes, together! :D


  • The problems noted in the change log (ctrl + F "Oups").
  • The preview of summoning spells (Prime, Second, etc.) will either not display anything or will display a question mark because the preview of a dynamic creature is not yet functional.
  • Animations and visual effects of spells are not there or were taken from other spells already existing in game (from other classes or even monsters). As already mentioned, we are including you earlier than usual in the process, so not everything is ready!
  • Spell icons were taken from other class spells, while we wait for the final icons to be finished. For example, the Topkaj icon is being used on the Cross Scale spell.


The first thing to know is that spell damages are most likely to be reviewed. By making changes to spells and when they are unlocked, we must check the damages and it will probably be done at the same time. Of course, the current values shouldn’t deviate too much either so do not hesitate to give us feedback on that also.

The constraints linked to occupied cells, especially on the first spells, are likely to be removed. These restrictions were designed to limit the gain of summoning charges when there is no ally or enemy nearby, however, this topic is open to discussion (especially with respect to invisibility).

I look forward to your feedback on the following points:

  • The summons’ survival in PvP / PvM, as an Osamodas, but also as an opponent.
  • If you are able to manage your summoning charge well or if it is quite the opposite and it hinders you. The charge must be a tool for you, not a punishment.
  • Your feelings about the Osa transformation and the importance of the bonus.
  • Your personal feelings regarding the promise of having an Osamodas who fights alongside its summons.

As a bonus, if you have any other suggestions for the six summoning spell names, I would love to read them! ^^