Tomorrow, May 28, some modifications to the star system will be implemented, along with some bug fixes. Get the details here.

Star System

Following your feedback on the star system, changes will be made with tomorrow's maintenance. The penalty value
will be slightly redefined for each map and zone in the game.

Two key elements:

  • The maximum value of a map’s penalty will be reduced from -50% to -20%.
  • The penalty will be stepped up or down in increments of 2%, instead of 5%.

In practice, the penalty will progress more slowly and be less crippling. Keep in mind that each map's final penalty value is the result of the zone penalty plus the map’s own penalty.


  • Some cells could be abnormally blocked (for instance, Touchparak couldn’t reach some cells in the Firefoux Dungeon). This will be fixed.
  • When defeated in a dungeon, the player will respawn in front of the dungeon and will not be abnormally teleported into Astrub’s Temple of the Twelve, which was something of a pain when you had to walk your way back to Skeunk's Hideout ^^

Happy gaming!