After months of clashes, the 16 best PVP teams in Dofus qualified for the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena end-of-season tournament. Both the stakes and the rewards are significant: €3,000 and places at the final phases of the Dofus Cup are up for grabs for the bravest!

Months and Tournaments

Since February, Season 2 of the KTA has been inspiring the PVP community. Players were offered six tournaments, open to all under fair conditions because participants had access to a tournament server with all classes and equipment. In total, no fewer than 500 teams took part in the season!

A general leaderboard has been keeping track of the various performances… and in this little game, once more, it's Omae who comes out on top! La Formation, finalist of the Dofus World Series and champion of KTA Season 1, remained impressive during this second season with the addition of three tournaments including Ingloriom and 210 teams signed up. Raton Voleur and Band of the Hawk were also robust throughout the season and complete the podium nicely!

Other well-known team are also there: Outbreak, the former DWSers and finalist of KTA Season 1 sadly failed to make it to the podium. Team Atlas, no other than a team made up of former players from Millenium, also ranked extremely well. Out of Control, the champion of the latest Dofus World Series, is high up in eighth place. Band of the Hawk and Anima GIG, semifinalists in KTA Season 1, also made it and went on to perform brilliantly again!

All the players are thus brought together to make way for one major PvP performance!

A Grand Final With Rewards

The KT Finals are thus the culmination of the season, bringing together the greatest PVP players of the moment! The competition will take place in two stages. Firstly, four groups of four will be formed by drawing lots, where each team will face the other three in two-way confrontations (BO2). At the end of the six matches of each team, the best two will qualify for a final group, with quarters and semis in two winning matches (BO3) and a grand final in three winning matches (BO5)! Let's just say we'll have our fill of entertainment!

The four best teams will receive a share of the €3,000 at stake for the event. What's more, the winners will receive the title and glory of KTA Season 2 champions! In addition, qualifying places for the final phases of the 2019 Dofus Cup will be given to the most-valiant teams…

Follow the Event Live

All matches will be broadcast live on Twitch!

During the group phase, as well as for the quarterfinals, two matches will often be played at the same time, so two EN streams will also be covering the event:



Useful Links

All information about the KT Finals (dates, times, regulations, results, etc.) is available at the KTA website.
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