Created by a brotherhood of bards with the famous Veronika Gobbstock as their band leader, the Gobbstock Festival brings together aspiring musicians, seasoned warblers, and Sunday music lovers. It's the opportunity to meet up with friends and croon the hits of the greatest minstrels in the World of Twelve. But that's not all! Be in the game on Friday, June 7 for an event that'll make everyone happy!

From Friday, June 7 at 10:00 a.m. CEST, until Monday, June 24, the traditional Gobbstock Festival is taking place in the game! This music festival showcases both rulers of the stage and more-timid participants, for whom the words of the Bwork'n'Roll group AB/CD suddenly make sure they don't forget the lyrics!  Sadly, the same can't be said for the group's singer…

Actually, it seems his voice got slightly lost along the way… Bad luck! In order to help him out and let him rest his delicate vocal cords, you'll have to collect Desi & Belle's honey. To do so, join other players and bring back pollenectar from a hive located next to the stage (map [4,6], near the Gobball Corner Zaap). This rare resource, which only appears as the summer approaches, can be collected from the creatures of the World of Twelve outside of dimensions, underwater and indoor zones. Be careful, though: you'll only be able to collect this resource if the monsters you defeat belong to a family group whose level is within 10 of your character's level. The monsters level is irrelevant.
  A level 200  character defeating a level 200 Treecherous will not drop a pollenectar resource because the Petrified Forest monster family is level 170. 

To start the adventure, speak with the Festival Organiser at [4,6] (2 maps away from the Gobball Corner zaap). She will give you a Pollenectar net (check your inventory quest items). Without this net, you won't drop any pollenectar when fighting monsters of your level. Don't forget to exchange the Pollenectar for Festokens by speaking with the Festival Organiser!

If you want to check how many pollenectar your server has gathered, just interact with Desi & Belle's Honey Neypot, which you can also find at [4,6]. 

Once the necessary amount of pollenectar has been collected, you and all the Twelvians present will have the pleasure of attending the AB/CD concert! Then, and only then, all you'll need to do is go get your reward from the merchants who'll be flocking in droves, drawn to the sweet sound of Brayar Jonsonne's voice, in exchange for festokens acquired at the hive.

Emotes, auras, titles, and many other gifts are waiting for you! But most of all… the satisfaction of having saved Gobbstock Festival! And that's priceless…

Note: In order to deploy Gobbstock in-game, a short maintenance will take place this upcoming Thursday, June 6, at 9:00 a.m. CEST. Thank you for your understanding!

Rock it out with emotes at Gobbstock

To celebrate in style, grab a pack of emotes from your Boutique and have a rocking good time at the Gobbstock Festival
  • playing the trumpet,*
  • banging on drums,*
  • singing,*
  • big wave**
  • jus' dance**!
Take advantage of a 40% discount on this pack, now on sale for €13.50 or 13,500 OG instead of €22.50 or 22,500 OG. The new Play the Trumpet, Beat a Drum and Sing emotes are also on sale individually in the store for €4.50 or 4,500 OG.

These emotes will be available until Sunday, June 9 at 11:59 p.m. CEST.

* These emote scrolls are linked to the account for two months.
** These emote scrolls are linked to the account for one year.