As the music festival soars to an epic crescendo around the world tonight, Twelvians will soon be enjoying a breath of fresh air... Guillaume Pladys, the creator behind the DOFUS and WAKFU soundtracks, is getting ready to put on his composer's wig and start writing some more tunes!

Tonight, the music festival is setting the tone! The compositions that guide your journey and are an essential part of your immersion in the unique and fantastical universe of the World of Twelve are about to get a makeover.

You heard right: We've got a major project ahead of us as we remake the music in DOFUS! We know how essential music is in establishing a game's atmosphere. We're also fully aware of its nostalgic and sentimental aspects. That's why these new compositions will rely heavily on the very earliest DOFUS melodies, easily recognizable for veterans of the Krosmoz...

Bonta wasn't built in a day. So you'll have to be patient and wait a little while for this change to effect... But fear not, along the way we'll try to share a few musical excerpts on the Ankam'Audio SoundCloud to make the wait a little easier to endure... Speaking of Ankam'Audio, you can already check out the new Bonta and Brakmar music right here:

If you're still curious to learn more, see you in the fall for a livestream that'll make your ears tingle!