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Back in May, we committed to having all class improvements available to you on the BETA server by the second week of June.

A great majority of messages I received across different platforms are echoed in the posts found in this French thread. Please find below a rough translation of Starbender’s reply on the subject.


Balancing classes takes time and it would be disastrous for the game to rush through the remaining classes. Therefore the changes to the classes listed below with be very superficial, for the purpose of a status quo:

  • Cra
  • Eniripsa
  • Feca
  • Iop
  • Masqueraider

The following classes will have a little more in-depth changes performed to them but far from what has been done on other classes:

  • Eliotropes (Snub and heals)
  • Xelor (mild nerf to AP removal)


However! (⌐⊙_⊙) This does not mean that everything is fine with these classes and that we deem them 100% balanced. We simply believe that out of respect for players, the status quo is preferable to class balancing changes made in haste. We made the decision to focus on each class before moving on to the next, prioritising and starting off with the ones we deemed to be in urgent need of balancing. The future will tell us if the choices we made were the right ones.

I assure you, we will still review all spells to update them to the new rank format (1 spell every 5 levels, and +- 67 levels between each rank), and each one of these classes will gain two new spells (˘ ³˘) ノ ° ゚ º❍, which have been designed with as much attention and love as other the other classes!

I am well aware that some of you will be disappointed to not see more in-depth changes to these classes but I trust you to understand that it is better this way.

Thank you for your active participation on the forums

Starbender ʕ •́؈•̀)