The next update will be available on July 2 July 4. We'll be putting up the all-new Vulbis Dofus quest, the class balancing, a revamp of the Dreggon zone, and more.

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EDIT > For technical reasons beyond our control, both the DOFUS and WAKFU updates are delayed to Thursday. We will delay the weekly maintenance accordingly so there won't be a server shut down on Tuesday. Thanks for understanding.

The wait is almost over: update 2.52 will be deployed on all servers on the morning (CEST) of July 2 July 4.

You'll finally have your chance to dive into the all-new Vulbis Dofus quest and discover the secrets it's hiding in the depths of an impenetrable and menacing jungle, Crocuzko Island. This series of demanding quests is recommended for level 200 and up characters.

In your wanderings, you'll have plenty of time to explore the new Dreggon zone, freshly renovated for your enjoyment, and the first wave of improvements to the DOFUS classes. Two new spells per class for increased flexibility, a few adjustments to the values of existing spells, and new mechanics for Osamodas and Sacriers. Of course, our work will continue even after this patch.

The 4th season of the Kolossium should be ready to start on July 9 with a renewed focus on competition, but we're leaving open the possibility of pushing that date back a bit, depending on how class modifications are coming along. For more information, check the devblog.

We'll see you very soon for all-new adventures in the World of Twelve!