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Following a rebalancing, some players would like to take the opportunity to change class and test the ones that have been newly modified. In order to make their task easier, we're giving them 30% off class changes only until the end of Sunday!

Have you already plumbed the depths (several times, even) of your beloved Iop's mind? Is your obsession for kamas starting to make you a little uncomfortable? Sick and tired of patching people up every time they get a little scratch? Is your gambling addiction running you ragged? The diagnosis is conclusive. Now, this may not be easy to hear... You seem to have a case of "Dulclassitis", which manifests itself as a latent boredom with your current class. You need a change!

Well, talk about perfect timing... Just in time for the class rebalancing that was introduced in the last update, you can get 30% off class changes until Sunday, July 28.

It's a great opportunity to enjoy the game in a different way while still holding on to most of what you've already earned. It's truly the best of both worlds... of Twelve!


Careful, though! Changing class is not a decision you should take lightly! You won't be able to undo it. You'll need a little time to familiarize yourself with your new spells and your new personality.

If you're ready, get to it!