Pre-registration on the temporary servers is open until Thursday, July 25, at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time). Starting on July 30, enjoy a new community and competitive experience by joining one of the World of Twelve's two iconic cities and earning all-new rewards. More details in this news update…  
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We're reinventing Temporis for its third edition by offering an adventure that's packed with challenges for you and your friends: join Bonta or Brakmar and face off against your rival city in a series of individual and group quests.

Pre-registration on these temporary servers, where you'll be starting from scratch for all-new adventures, is now open. There's plenty of incentive to take part, since pre-registering gets you free gifts (which will no longer be available when the servers are opened and registration starts).

Act now – pre-registration ends on July 25 at 11:59 p.m. Paris time.

Why pre-register?

Pre-registering lets you:

1. Reserve your character name
2. Register on the same server as your friends
3. To take advantage of Temporis from the get-to,
4. Receive rewards:

An overview of Temporis III

  • On these temporary servers, you'll start out at level 1. You'll have to pick a permanent alignment with either Bonta or Brakmar, which you will keep for the full length of the event (about two months). Warning! You cannot play with friends who have a different alignment. To be part of the same guild or alliance, you must also belong to the same city.
  • You can also register with the highest bidder as a mercenary before joining one of the two nations. It's an option well worth considering, since it comes with additional rewards: 5 City Potions (Bonta or Brakmar) + 5 Recall Potions + 5 life-recovery consumables + 5 energy-recovery consumables + 10 temporary Vitality and Power bonus consumables + 1 Aliton!
  • You must be a subscriber to access the Temporis servers.
  • You'll have both individual and group objectives, along with an individual score and a group score. All of these stats will appear on a real-time leaderboard!
  • In PvM, you'll help your own city's progress, while in PvP, you can slow down the opposing city's progress.
  • Subject to certain specific rules (which will block any huge last-minute donations, for example), the city that has accumulated the most kamas when the servers close will be declared the winner!


More information is now available on the Temporis III pre-registration page!

A few new features…

Beyond the overall concept of a head-to-head confrontation between the World of Twelve's two iconic cities, there are two other aspects we think you'll find especially interesting:

Choose to be a mercenary

If you have no particular preference for either Bonta or Brakmar, consider offering your services as a mercenary: you'll automatically receive additional rewards for joining the nation that needs you most!

Go directly to jail!

In PvP, when you are defeated in an alignment battle, you will be sent to the opposing city's prison for a prison sentence in real time (= connection time)! You'll then have three ways to get out:

  • Serve out your sentence. You'll then be teleported to the Astrub Zaap.
  • You can be freed by your allies if they manage to pull a lever outside of your cell. You'll then have two minutes to escape!
  • You can bribe the guard (an NPC) to get out immediately and be teleported to the Astrub Zaap.


Below you will find some visuals of the upcoming rewards! Please keep in mind that they could be altered before the end of Temporis III:


More information regarding the rules?