After convincing hundreds of teams in Season 2, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena is coming back to add its splash of PvP in the coming months!

One month ago, team Band of the Hawk, made up of Steam-Alb, Handguns, Defuse, and Soitoi, was crowned champion of the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena (KTA) Season 2! Now, the association is starting again with Season 3, consisting of new cash-prize tournaments open to all!

How the Season Works Overall

Some KTA principles are staying the same. The tournaments still take place entirely on a tournament server (players have at their disposal all the classes at level 200 with all equipment and a +1 AP/MP/Range effect). In addition, the tournaments are still accessible to all, regardless of level or server.

Alongside these constants, a few changes have been made compared with last season! Actually, for Season 3, the KTA is putting its level league system to one side and is bringing players together in four grand tournaments with a cash prize at the end of each one.
In total, €5,000 will be up for grabs in the coming months!

Here is the overall schedule for the season:

  • July: KT Open – July Edition
  • August: Ingloriom, the major tournament of the season
  • September: KT Open – September Edition
  • October: KT Finals, a tournament reserved for the best teams of the season

You've got it: The hostilities are about to commence!

KT Open – July Edition

From now until Wednesday, sign up for the KT Open – July Edition!
The matches will start on Thursday, July 18.

The classic tournament format is being used. It will start with seven Swiss-style qualifying rounds with a set class make-up. The best teams can qualify for the final phases where the matches will be played after a draft phase and, therefore, with always different make-ups!
Here's the schedule for the competition:

  • Thursday, July 18: 2 qualifying rounds
  • Saturday, July 20: 3 qualifying rounds
  • Monday, July 22: 2 qualifying rounds
  • Thursday, July 25: rounds of 64 and 32 (BO1)
  • Sunday, July 28: round of 16 (BO3)
  • Tuesday, July 30: quarterfinals (BO3)
  • Thursday, August 1: semifinals (BO3)
  • Sunday, August 4: final (BO3)

The matches in the week will be played in the evening and those at the weekend in the afternoon.

For this first tournament of the season, the KTA is putting €500 into the game, as well as two directly qualifying places for the KT Finals, the end-of-season tournament with the largest part of the total cash prize!

For more information (times, team make-up limits, etc.) and to sign up for the tournament, head to the tournament page on the KTA website. If you've never taken part in a KTA tournament, you can follow this guide to sign up.

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Wanna stream the Tournaments?

We want to make it possible for those who so wish to cover the KTA tournaments by broadcasting the matches. If you like PvP, have a Twitch and/or YouTube channel, and you've already broadcast PvP content, then you meet all the requirements!
We invite you to leave a comment below to gain access to the tournament server; simply share the name and a link to your channel.