Today, it's not one… Not two. Not three! NOT FOUR! NOT… Not stopping there, are we? So, from today, no fewer than nine harnesses are making a big comeback in the DOFUS online store! Five for Seemyools, two for Dragoturkeys and two for Rhineetles: Come find out which ones quickly!

Nine harnesses you may have missed out on are coming back to the DOFUS store:

  • Cryptic Seemyool Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Corsair Seemyool Harness (4,500 OG)
  • Foggernaut Seemyool Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Zombite Seemyool Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Unikron Seemyool Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Magmatic Dragoturkey Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Dragokronic Dragoturkey Harness (4,500 OG)
  • Draeggosaure Rhineetle Harness (4,500 OG)
  • Shadragon Rhineetle Harness (4,500 OG)

Whether you're more of a dark rider, glittery knight or futuristic squire, you're bound to find something to make you happy – there's something for all tastes!

Don't let the reins slip through your fingers this time!

Note: The harnesses will be linked for a year.