These are the rules for Temporis III.




You can pre-register before the server opens:

  • choice of class/gender (the first time you log in, you can finish personalizing the colors and choice of face)
  • opportunity to reserve your character name
  • choice of Bonta/Brakmar/mercenary alignment. Mercenaries will be assigned to one or the other faction at the end of pre-registration in order to rebalance the forces. Players who choose to be mercenaries get more rewards when the server is launched
    Please note that when there is too great an imbalance, pre-registration for the most populous faction is temporarily disabled

Before registering, you can see which faction your friends are in so you can join them. You won't be able to play with your friends if you aren't in the same faction as them!

Choice of server: Several Temporis servers will be available, but unlike previous sessions, you won't choose the server you register for. Instead, we'll split pre-registered players between the various servers and analyze the friend "networks" so as to make sure you'll play on the same server as your friends.


Choosing an alignment (Bontarian or Brakmarian) is mandatory, and it cannot be changed later. This is done when registering before the server opens or in the game after the guided tutorial if the account was not pre-registered. This choice affects all the account's characters on the Temporis server, which is why you cannot have Bontarian and Brakmarian characters on the same account.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Guilds and alliances cannot contain characters who have different alignments.
  • Characters cannot play with characters who have a different alignment:
    • Cannot enter/join a fight.
    • Cannot exchange.
    • Cannot throw an item on the ground.
    • Cannot transfer an item to a waste bin.
    • Cannot invite or be invited to a group/guild/alliance.
    • Cannot get married.
    • Cannot invite or be invited to a cooperative craft.
    • Cannot buy in merchant mode.
    • Cannot enter a house or use locked chests.
    • Unable to challenge or be challenged.


New temporary-server-specific achievements allow you to earn points to increase your score and automatically unlock the associated rewards.

Extra rewards in terms of experience and items have been added to accelerate progress and reward militia members who are invested in their city.
Furthermore, community achievements have been added as war effort, described below.


In addition to their usual use, Alitons can be exchanged in the militia building for experience points in the various professions, of the player's choice. Several professions can be advanced this way and about 40 Alitons are needed to increase a level-1 profession to level 200.


Progressing within an order gives you many characteristics bonuses, provided the war effort is sufficient. The higher the rank, the more the value of the bonuses increases and the more different bonuses the rank gives. These bonuses are valid against both monsters and militia members of the enemy city. The bonuses given are identical regardless of the city or order chosen.


Each city has a server-level investment score. To make it increase, characters belonging to the city's militia can give kamas. Be careful, though, because this donation cannot be undone!

A character can only donate part of the kamas on their account to their faction per day, as a maximum. The reference value for kamas on the account is calculated the first time the player logs in on a given day.

Each kama invested in the war effort earns the character experience points.

There are investment brackets that unlock achievements. When one of these brackets is reached, all characters belonging to the city's militia unlock the related achievement, provided they have the required level. In addition, a certain bracket must be reached to unlock order-related donations.

City militia members who have reached the highest number of points when Temporis closes can bear title of Master or Mistress of War on their classic game server. The war effort of each city and the characters who contributed the most to the war effort are displayed in dedicated rankings on the website.


It is possible to attack militia members from the enemy city on most of the maps outside the non-subscriber zone. The rules for attacking are the same as those of the classic servers (for example, no attacking on Zaap and dungeon maps).

When a character is defeated by another as the result of an alignment attack, the defeated character is sent to the enemy city's prison.

How do you leave?
A prisoner can by freed by allies. To do so, they must reach the lever outside the cell and pull it to open the door. The door will then remain open for two minutes.
A prisoner can talk to a guard NPC to leave the prison. They will then have the choice of paying to leave immediately or waiting several years, days, or minutes.

When a character leaves prison, there are several possibilities:

  • They were freed by allies. In this case, they can leave their cell through the open door.
  • They posted bail. In this case, they are teleported to the Astrub Zaap.
  • The prison time lapses. In this case, they are teleported to the Astrub Zaap.


The events team is offering several events themed around the Bonta–Brakmar conflict.

Anyone who wants to do so is free to participate actively or simply follow the events from afar. During these events, characters are not protected from enemy attacks, so you should expect to have to fight to defend your city's honor and values.

There's going to be something new in this conflict: The greatest contributors to the war effort could have a price put on their heads by the enemy city's militia. As a result, it's in their best interest to get some bodyguards when this happens. The events team will contact them directly to best organize this event, which will take place every two weeks on average.


Secondary characters don't get any multipliers on experience points they earn: Five extra character slots are available on the temporary servers.

The Kolossium cannot be accessed.


When the server closes, you can transfer your rewards using Tempokens and anything you bought from the store to the server of your choice. Rewards are linked to the account for one year.

Instead of transferring characters, the experience earned by each of them is turned into experience potions (one potion per character). When used, experience from these potions is not subject to the various experience bonuses (secondary character, event, etc.).


Below you will find some visuals of the upcoming rewards! Please keep in mind that they could be altered before the end of Temporis III:

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