Due to technical constraints, we'll have to adopt certain rules regarding AvA… but we've got the solution!

Many of you are getting ready for the launch of Temporis III, and we genuinely thank you for being so motivated for this 3rd edition.

As a reminder, if you wish to pre-register, you can do so here.

We're speaking to you today to inform you of a technical restriction that's turned into an opportunity. We'll skip the chitchat – let us explain what's happening.

Simply put, DOFUS is a stack of technical strata. The technical layer of AvA is the highest one – there's nothing above it. A significant number of features, modules and other gameplay components depend on it.

The problem we had came from the fact that the AvA system (including conquest mode, prisms, etc.) and the aggression mode offered in Temporis III cannot coexist. The server can't understand what's happening between PvP and conquest modes, switching uncontrollably from one to the other until it crashes.

We didn't think that would be great for the gaming experience.

To remove the Alliance mechanics entirely would mean a complete absence of social features (such as the alliance chat), and that simply didn't feel right.

Rather than presenting you with issues, we come bearing a solution: we're keeping the Alliances for the social aspect, but prisms can't be crafted.

Now, before you all grab your shovels and march on Roubaix to dig for nuggets, there is more. Nugget will now be generated in-game:

  • PvP victories earn you nuggets; notice that's "victory", not "kill" – there's a big difference. It's not a question of who defeats who, but rather which team wins the fight.
  • Nuggets will be generated only once per account defeated. A restriction is applied, limiting the nugget generation to once a week.
    • If Account A defeats Account B, Account A will be rewarded with nuggets.
    • If Account A defeats Account B a second time, there won't be any nuggets.
    • However, if Account B attacks Account A to take revenge and wins, Account B will be rewarded with nuggets. 
  • The number of nuggets acquired is defined by the level of the defeated character: the higher the level, the more nuggets the victor will win. The following formula will be used: the number of nuggets = level of whoever is defeated × 2.

Why are we doing this? To limit cheating and having too many nuggets being generated.

Additional information about group fighting and victory

In a group fight, all members of the winning group will be rewarded nuggets, even if a member dies in combat. All the members of the losing team will go to jail. 

If your character gets killed during a group fight and your team wins, you'll be rewarded with nuggets. The character that killed you in the group fight can attack you in a 1vs1, to try and get nuggets from you. Should he win, he will get his nuggets. If you defeated him, you won't get nuggets from him a second time. 

If you're part of the winning team in an 8v8 fight, you win a number of nuggets equivalent to the sum of the levels of all enemy players (minus any you've already defeated in the course of the week), times two. 

In addition, if you pull the lever to free an imprisoned comrade-in-arms, you'll unlock an achievement that will earn you 2,000 nuggets. Some conditions need to be met in order to unlock this achievement.

Lastly, regarding war effort, for every 250 kamas donated to their faction, players will receive 1 nugget. 

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below!