Along the lines of the Gladiapack, released at the start of the year, the Spartapack puffs out your chest, giving you a colorable Tuquoque set and an Esspeakewlair Dragoturkey harness. All Twelvians agree: They came, they saw it… and they left convinced!

At the start of 2019, a rather muscular pack entered the arena with every intention of battling it out. Its performance may have convinced you, but that wasn't the case for everyone… Worse still, some people declare it to be a fake!

That's what the Spartapack claims, in particular. Now, it's decided to voice its opinion openly…

"The Gladiapack? Pff… It stole it all from me! It just ain't as good! I taught it everything, I tell you!"

It's true the Spartapack isn't devoid of strengths. Its colorable Tuquoque set* (Veni cape, Vidi helmet and Vici shield) and Esspeakewlair Dragoturkey harness are yet more arguments in its favor. It's anyone's guess whether it'll be the Gladiapack or the Spartapack that wins this duel of egos… Make up your own mind!

In any case, it'll be waiting for you in the store from August 8 to 11 for €12,5 (or 12,500 ogrines). The items it contains will also be available for sale separately:

  • Shield: €4.99 or 5,000 ogrines
  • Set: €9.99 or 10,000 ogrines
  • Harness: €6.99 or 7,000 ogrines
  • Shield + harness: €10 or 10,000 ogrines
  • Set + harness: €12,5 or 12,500 ogrines

* The colors will adapt to your character's.

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