After the recently released Sram class pack, the god of thieves has decided to go another round with the equally explosive Rogue class pack. All we can say is… it's da bomb, dude!

All good Rogues are supposed to follow Eugor's commandments to the letter.

Thou shalt not air thy dirty laundry in public, lest anyone mistake it for a smokescreen.

Thou shalt take refuge in thy den if thou art spotted.

Thou shalt wear thy best headscarf on raiding days.

Thou shalt always be on the right side of a loaded gun.

Thou shalt not hesitate to trick a thousand people a thousand times, because thou art a Rogue and enjoy the comedy of repetition.

Thou shalt never miss the chance to play a dirty trick on someone.

If there are any problems on the battlefield, thou shalt ensure they are blown over in no time.

Thou shalt avoid short fuses, if thou wilt live a long life.

Thou shalt plan thine attacks strategically, else they might blow up in thy face.

Thou shalt share any loot equally to avoid blow-ups later.


Like many of his kin, however, Vil Smisse has never really followed these laws. It's his way of resisting what he calls "the oppression of his people by the lawman", and he's even written a song about it:

I was born and raised down Brakmar way

All I've ever done is raid, pillage and steal

Chillin' with my Rogues, with my brothers all day

A bomb or two now and then, that's just keepin' it real

But your dusty commandments, your laws and your rules

I mean, what can I say, they always get me real mad

'Cause down here where I'm from, being good just ain't cool

It's much better to master the art of being bad!


If these lyrics speak to you, then the Rogue class pack may be exactly what you're looking for! You can find it in the shop from Thursday, September 12, through Thursday, September 19 Sunday, September 22, in several different versions:

A pack containing the Rogue set and the Rogue Dragoturkey harness (€12 or 12,000 ogrines)

A pack containing the Rogue set and the Rogue Rhineetle harness (€12 or 12,000 ogrines)

A pack containing the Rogue set and the Rogue Seemyool harness (€12 or 12,000 ogrines)

A pack containing the Rogue set, all three harnesses and the Rogue class emote (€22 or 22,000 ogrines)

The Rogue set can also be purchased separately for just €8 or 8,000 ogrines.

The same goes for the three harnesses, available for €7 or 7,000 ogrines each.

Check it out!