Although the Temporis servers, the third of their name, are themed around Bonta versus Brakmar, the rivalry between the White City and the Dark City is nothing new. You know them thanks to the alignment quests, but for many years now, Amayiro, the Bontarian Militia Weapons Master, and Oto Mustam, his Brakmarian counterpart, have gotten into the habit of writing each other some rather prickly letters… On the eve of Divine Bonta, let the clash begin!

Dear Oto,

(or maybe I should say "Poor Guy", "Poor Thing", or even "Poor Unappealing Being", but I would never dream of that. These familiarities are not worthy of our ranks, which raise us and invite us to debate issues that are much greater than our tiny characters; especially you, in this case – you who do not even seem to reach the regulation size of a second-class Bontarian soldier, but one must not dwell…)

I simply wanted to send you my cordial greetings on this glorious day of Divine Bonta.

Do you have a day dedicated to you in the Almanax yet? If that is not yet the case, I suggest, with all the goodwill I may show you and your kind, to name it "Disheveled Brakmar", "Disgraced Brakmar" or, my favorite, "Diarrheal Brakmar". I sincerely think this would reflect your greatness.

But we must not stray from our topic – such an honor will never behoove that paltry slum…

In this letter, you will find some unsullied socks and underwear. As you know, on this festive day, Twelvians dress in white and proclaim "Good always wins" in the streets. Knowing that freedom of expression is uncommon in your cheerless little village, I said to myself that by wearing white under your black tunic, you could take part in this exhibition with the utmost discretion and, being unable to shout the truth loud and clear in your grim surroundings among your uneducated people, you could weep alone in front of your mirror and ask yourself why you did not join the right side.

Sometimes, my heart goes out to you. It must be truly depressing to realize that you have been wrong all these years and that moreover, you are too cowardly to change things. How pathetic… Most of the time, I prefer to laugh about it, because after all, there are worse things in life. You could be Brakmarian, short and ugly. Wait…

Nooooo, I should not tease you! No offense, even though I know that in Brakmar, offenses are committed all the time.

With all that, I cannot remember what I wanted to write…

Oh yes. I simply wanted to express my gratitude to you. Writing you does me a world of good. It is as if I were released from a burden, from all the pressure my senior positions place on me. I let my quill loose and, like the best Eniripsa treatment you can dream of to dissipate monotony, I can but smile. It just goes to show that, despite your vileness and ill intentions, you manage, in spite of yourself, to do good around yourself. Moreover, I hope that the Brakmarian militia reads these lines and throw you in prison for high treason. Spying, locking somebody up, torturing them… It is that kind of place, is it not? Haha, there I go teasing you again, albeit with the greatest respect, of course.

Wishing you an enjoyable Divine Bonta, I sincerely hope you will like the gift I gave you and, above all, that it will suit you. I got the smallest thing they had…

Bontarian Militia Weapons Master



Be there in a few days' time to check out the response from Brakmar and Oto Mustam!

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment for or against Brakmar. Enjoy the Divine Bonta celebration and, most of all, we wish you a great game with Temporis III!